About Your Whole Voice

Find & Free Your True, Whole, Voice

…And You Can Liberate Your Life

Even if you’ve done confidence or speaker training in the past you might still feel like there’s
“something missing”
that ‘something missing’ is where I start!
(Before coming to me, one of my clients had spent £20,000 on someone else’s training and still felt nervous before speaking!)


Before Me: Who Are You?

Whether confident in life or not, what people want when they speak is to be both heard and understood.


Some of my clients are very confident people who feel they’re not getting through, or that ‘something is missing’, in their communication.  The rest have spent most of their life not very confident in one way or another.  Either way, people come to me wanting to speak with a combination of some of the following: less fear, worry, nerves, uncertainty … and/or with more authenticity, authority, genuine feeling, gravitas, clarity, confidence, passion, purpose, or resonance.  


I will help you do this, it doesn’t matter if you are generally confident or always hiding, the thoughts you have are what have held you back in the past.  To work with me you need to be ready, willing and wanting to change how you think about yourself and other people when it comes to sharing your voice.  (This flow-chart might help give you an idea of next good steps click here.)


Whatever your speaking challenge is and whatever you’re looking for; whether you are a perpetual people-pleaser, a corporate leader, an holistic healer, an independent business owner, or wanting to step up in your personal or professional life in any way – our first task will be to find your patterns and then we’ll be able to find the voice that resonates as truly yours.


Do you feel a bit like this before you share your voice?

Your voice is a reflection of every experience, or emotion, you’ve ever had, witnessed or imagined. Those feelings are held in your body’s cell memory and subconscious brain, so when you are in a situation where you’re unsure or uncertain about expressing yourself, your voice reflects the pain, shame, fear, trials, tribulations and barriers from your past. That past can be you five days or fifty years ago.


Self-awareness is key to changing your subconscious patterns, when that happens, you are able to discover your true, whole, voice, the voice that reflects all you know

So you can feel more like this when you’re speaking.

Come with me and learn how to speak with clarity, confidence, and conviction:
In any situation.

I have a direct and honest approach, and part of my ability is to be able to see and hear your truth.
According to client testimonials, my way of working is supportive, light-hearted, humorous and most of all makes you feel safe to share your voice.


Here’s a caveat:  I’m not here to do the small stuff.  I’m not here just to teach you how to stand, articulate and project – we will do that – but after we have found out what the real challenge is that you have.  I will help you find your voice, create a connection to yourself so that you can create connection to your audience in ANY situation.


Here’s a ‘heads up’ – I’m spiritual – if you’re not, don’t worry, many of my clients don’t do ‘woo’ they’re partners in law firms, CEOs or MDs of a business, or corporate clients at work. You’re in good company.  I’m not going to force crystals down your throat – that’s a choking hazard and detrimental to using your voice (sorry – couldn’t resist!)  What I will do is work in the best way for you to create the changes and get the results you want. You will want to look at the vocal confidence page of the ‘work with me’ section.


If you do like, or are curious about alternative approaches, tools we might use include voice-vibration sound healing, energy work, crystals, subconscious drawing, higher-self connection or oracle/inspiration cards to support the sessions – your call.  You will probably find the right work for you on the Voice-Vibration & Meditation page of the ‘work with me’ section.


However we work together I’m here to help you find your voice, and I will.  So if you are ready to clear out the rubbish that’s holding you back, and find your voice, have a look at what I offer, or you can book a connection call with me here


Work with me, and you will be able to communicate with more confidence, clarity and conviction: In any situation.


But Who Am I?

I am Judith Quin – multi-award winning vocal confidence specialist, public speaking and life-coach, and voice-vibration sound healer. I’m also an international public speaker, best-selling author, and member of both the Sound Healers’ Association and The Association of Transformational Leaders of Europe.
By combining my experience as a classically trained professional actress, qualified life-coach, and various holistic healing modalities, I have developed a way of working which combines simple and effective tools and techniques that consistently creates positive results.


Being in Your Whole Voice means showing up as the whole of who you are.  Mine is a practical, powerful, physical, and self-aware approach to finding and releasing your blocks when it comes to expressing yourself.  It’s about finding YOUR voice and you feeling comfortable to share it.


The Whole V.O.I.C.E Method™ is a process I created specifically to help people have challenging conversations so that you can approach the situation detached from the emotions that get in the way and have a conversation that is constructive, not one that creates conflict.


The Seven Simple Sounds are the core of the voice-vibration sound and chakra healing work that I do.  This is the deep work that, in combination with some core coaching elements, helped me discover the truths I’d been hiding from and revealed my true voice and confidence to be the whole of who I am.  This work can get deeply emotional, as you recognise and release past beliefs and emotion energy still stored in your body’s cell memory and is then deeply transformational.  It is the central focus of my retreats and both live and self-study online sound healing courses.


Whichever way you decide to work with me, I created Your Whole Voice for people who want to take leadership of their life, whether personal or professional, those who are ready to stop their past controlling their future and, of course, to be able to speak without fear in life, in person, or online.


Whole Voice. Whole Life. Whole You.


If you are ready to step in and lead life from your truth with a clear and confident voice, find out which of my one-to-one services is best for you from the Vocal Confidence or Voice-Vibration pages, or which group workshop or event I’ve got coming up that works for you on the events page.

Alternatively you can start your journey now by booking your complementary clarity call.


Here’s to global vocal-liberation through sound around the world.


My mission is to transform the lives of over 100,000 million people by sharing the simplest, easiest and most effective tools and techniques for deep, lasting, change, and to liberate lives by releasing old beliefs and ditching old labels as you embrace the whole of who you are, so you can share your true, whole voice, and make ripples in your world.


Leadership: Take leadership of your life, or work life, and do so with Passion and Purpose
Connection: Connection to self, others & the wider world.
Growth: Deep personal awareness and change.  Personal and professional growth to become the whole of who you are supposed to be.

These values are all underpinned by the value of Truth.



I also speak at and work with companies and organisations to highlight how being more vocally confident has a positive effect for businesses, enhancing individual’s skills, and can improve workplace mental health.  I offer talks and workshops on stress reduction through sonic meditation techniques, public speaking and presentation skills, and how to create a culture of clear communication through The Whole V.O.I.C.E Method™.
If you would like to book me as a guest speaker for your group, company, or organisation find out more here.

If you feel my work would be useful in your company or business see my ‘corporate voice’ website click here.


Seek to always communicate from your deepest truth, connected to your higher purpose and you will send ripples out in to the world.


Words Make Waves: Speak With The Power Of Your Whole Voice.