About Your Whole Voice

Connect to Communicate: Communicate to Connect

Hi, I’m Judith and I’m here with a mission.


That mission is to empower you to share your voice with clarity, confidence and conviction.  To do that, I reconnect you to what is important to you, uncover your whole voice, because you probably only use a part of what you have, and illuminate the truth behind your real message, so when you speak you do so with the courage of your convictions and really connect to your audience.


Whether that audience is a friend or family member, your colleagues, team, clients, or hundreds of people at an event – sometimes expressing your thoughts, ideas, feelings or opinions can be challenging. Your Whole Voice is a powerful, holistic, vocal-liberation and mindset method. I created this work, not just for those who are going to be speaking from stage, but for all areas of life, personal and professional, speaking in person and online.


Are you a leader who hides your hatred of public speaking?


Perhaps you have had a life or business-event happen which has knocked you off-centre and you’re feeling lost or uncertain, and as a leader of others you need to get back on track. Maybe you are an emerging leader, avoiding growing in your business because it means more public speaking.  Are you someone who stays quiet, rather than possibly ‘make waves’ by expressing yourself, who finds it hard to say no, or to ask for what you need?


By combining my expertise and experience as a classically trained actress, international speaker, qualified coach and work with sound energy vibration, I have developed a way of working which combines a variety of simple and effective tools and techniques that consistently creates positive results.


If you are ready to re-connect to the passion behind your purpose, to step in and lead from your truth with a clear and confident voice, start your journey now by looking at my services, discover what feels right for you, and book your complementary clarity call.




I am building a global vocal-confidence method, for high-purpose and emerging leaders, that creates greater connection and growth when you speak, for both life and business.


My mission is to transform the lives of over 1 million people by giving them the simplest, easiest and most effective tools and techniques for deep, lasting, change to embrace their whole voice for more confident, connected, communication.



Leadership: Taking leadership of your life, or work life, and doing so with Passion and Purpose
Connection: Creating greater personal connection through communication.
Growth: Growing, through awareness and change, to become the people and businesses we are meant to be.

These are all underpinned by the values of Truth and Integrity – seeking to always communicate from truth and integrating what is learnt in life through all of life.


Words make waves: Speak with the power of your whole voice.