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Truth or Dare??

Which do you choose? Let’s face it speaking the truth is often the biggest dare. There are several challenges with truth: 1) you think others won’t be able to handle your truth 2) your truth is yours, not necessarily universal 3) your truth may actually be a reaction based in fear and not your real… Read more »

Why Are Soft Skills So Hard?

Whether you are a CEO or a psychic, working in I.T or going for an interview, if you are confident in some areas but not in others: the ‘soft’ skills required to create human connection, and therefore grow your business, your reputation, or standing, are important – and don’t always come easily. One of these… Read more »

Is Speaking A Thorn In Your Side?

As I wondered along Cooden beach the other week, all started off well, doing a FB Live, watching Tyrion the terrier charging along chasing seagulls, and splashing through the sea …. which is when I discovered I had a hole in my right welly-boot.  This wasn’t a disaster, the tide was out and I could… Read more »

Is Content Really ‘King’?

They say ‘Content is King’…. I say … “Intent creates the best content” When you have to deliver a speech or presentation, do you get the problem that either; you have no idea what you are going to say, or, worry that you’ll forget what you have prepared? You are not alone. The fear of forgetting,… Read more »

Do People Turn-off When You Talk?

Do you get the feeling that some people turn off when you talk? That your voice, as it were, is an auto-filter, turning some people away? You’re probably right. As you take more leadership within business, or in life, are you finding you have to speak more? Maybe you’re in a position where you’re trying… Read more »