A Few Of My Insights, For Your Inspiration

Speaking Through A Kick In The Teeth

Life can be shit.   I’m just saying.  There are things that come along and side-swipe the most confident of people. When I say I’m a Vocal Confidence Specialist and Public Speaking Coach, the first question is often, so you work with a lot of shy people, or introverts?   The answer is, well, yes I… Read more »

Spirituality In The Workplace?

Is there room for spirituality in the workplace?  Do you cringe when you see or hear the word ‘Spiritual’? Do you immediately dismiss the person, or thing, it relates to?  Did you nearly not even start to read this blog? If you do, I get it, and this blog is for you. (If you don’t,… Read more »

Truth or Dare??

Which do you choose? Let’s face it speaking the truth is often the biggest dare. There are several challenges with truth: 1) you think others won’t be able to handle your truth 2) your truth is yours, not necessarily universal 3) your truth may actually be a reaction based in fear and not your real… Read more »

Why Are Soft Skills So Hard?

Whether you are a CEO or a psychic, working in I.T or going for an interview, if you are confident in some areas but not in others: the ‘soft’ skills required to create human connection, and therefore grow your business, your reputation, or standing, are important – and don’t always come easily. One of these… Read more »

Is Sounding Too ‘Woo’ For You?

Using sound healing through voice vibration is a powerful part of the work I do with clients, it is the central premise of the retreats I run, and I even incorporate it in to my corporate workshops (not that I call it sound healing there – although I do usually let people know it’s something… Read more »

Is Speaking A Thorn In Your Side?

As I wondered along Cooden beach the other week, all started off well, doing a FB Live, watching Tyrion the terrier charging along chasing seagulls, and splashing through the sea …. which is when I discovered I had a hole in my right welly-boot.  This wasn’t a disaster, the tide was out and I could… Read more »

Is Content Really ‘King’?

They say ‘Content is King’…. I say … “Intent creates the best content” When you have to deliver a speech or presentation, do you get the problem that either; you have no idea what you are going to say, or, worry that you’ll forget what you have prepared? You are not alone. The fear of forgetting,… Read more »

Do People Turn-off When You Talk?

Do you get the feeling that some people turn off when you talk? That your voice, as it were, is an auto-filter, turning some people away? You’re probably right. As you take more leadership within business, or in life, are you finding you have to speak more? Maybe you’re in a position where you’re trying… Read more »

Showing Off? or Showing Up?

When was the last time you sang your own praises? Or at the very least felt comfortable saying “This is what I do and I do it really well” If you’re British I expect it was a while ago… if, let’s face it, ever! When was the last time you accepted someone else’s praises of… Read more »