Online Courses

If you would like to have some of my work with you at all times, without you having to be with me.
Here are some of the DIY/self-study online courses that I offer.

These courses mean that you have access to me and my work no matter where you are and can do it whatever time suits you. 


They will give you a good idea of how I work so you can then decide how you want to take the next steps with me  either online or in person.


To find out more about the work you might do with me after the online course please use the following links for my work on vocal confidence and public speaking or sound healing and sonic meditation.


These courses are only 15 mins (Vocal Confidence) and

30 mins (Sound Healing) and will give you tools to use right away.
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“This course teaches connection to your voice and self by leading the participant through methods to identify tensions/responses in mind and body. It offers techniques to release subconscious blocks, in order to create space for calm and clarity.” (Jen Dervan USA)

“A great way to find your voice through basic breath work and sounding .  I would recommend to anyone trying to express themselves but can’t, who struggle with nerves and who want to venture into public speaking.”
(Tasha M Australia.)

“This will help people going through stress to release and open up fully with voice and help with engagements in speaking within work and meetings and also in personal communication in social life. I would recommend for people that live busy and stressful life and also people that want improve confidence and communication.” (John Moody UK)

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Only £22

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Find Out More Here

“It’s fun to play and explore even just a few minutes day can make a huge difference. This course will help with the resistance that I have about showing up in the world, become more confident and release the blocks that no longer serve my highest good.”  (Clare Fitzgerald)

“I knew nothing about sounding and now I see that it shares many aspects with meditation of many kinds. I think it’s really useful for harnessing intention and self awareness. Using my voice in this way does open a feeling of vulnerability, so that’s a really valuable lesson.” (Chris D)

“Really fascinating course about how sound can be used as a healing modality plus lots more! It has helped me to remove blockages, and adds another element to my healing practice and meditation.” (Marcia Tillman)

Speak To ‘Camera’ With Confidence

Whether it’s a zoom room or ‘Teams’ meeting, a video or live-stream for social media, or your own website….. everyone is now having to appear on the other side of a lens – you don’t just have to be in a studio!
  • Save yourself time (and therefore money)
  • Reduce your nerves when speaking (on ‘camera’ or off)
  • Increase your confidence
  • Enhance your skills
  • Boost your business

The camera in question might be your phone or laptop – and more often than not it is.  This course guides you through the common fears of not just ‘speaking’ but specifically how to speak to camera – the simplest of tips, like ‘look at the lens not the screen’ will shed a whole new light on

* How to show up in those online meetings
* How to not get distracted by what you look like
* How to focus on what you’re saying
* What to think about
* What not to worry about

All of this will help you to show up more professionally – whether you run your own business, are being asked to show up on camera more at work, or wanting to use video and online presence to connect more in any way.

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"I now feel so much clearer, motivated again, and confident to move forward in my career and make the necessary changes happen."

Gabi Fritz – Actress and Healer

“You help people find both their inner and outer voice and in turn this gives them strength as a person, it has developed my inner strength and confidence.”

Dr Ellen Wright