Practically Spiritual? Business Head ~ Spiritual Heart

How do you reconcile your corporate or business position with your spiritual self?


If you identify yourself as in some way ‘spiritual’*, unless you work directly in the world of ‘woo’, it can be challenging to be open about this in the world of business. (*By spiritual I mean anyone who uses or practices, tools or techniques to connect to their essential self, or to raise themselves to a higher vibration way of thinking or living. This doesn’t mean you’re a ‘space cadet’, you may still be decidedly practical … see my last article Spirituality In The Workplace? for more on this.)

Depending on the environment in which you work, it’s possible that you are, or are concerned that you might be, more likely to be perceived as ‘wooly’ and ‘woo’, or less effective, if you show your spiritual side. It’s therefore likely that you hide it.

Do you suppress your spiritual side, hide it from your colleagues, and perhaps separate it from your work-self entirely, creating a divide within yourself? Perhaps you feel that your business brain and spiritual heart cause a dichotomy in the way you are seen by the world, and that exhausts you. Has it become the way you live your life – in separation? This might be true, even if you run your own business, working for yourself but compromising, uncertain whether people will take you seriously if you show your more esoteric self.

Living in separation like this can be draining. It feels like you are never completely you, like you’re ‘putting on a show’ a lot of the time, because your balance is out. It’s possible there is genuinely a part of you that is practical, efficient, likes structure, results and deadlines, a part of you that may be occasionally blunt, impatient, or ‘tough’, and these qualities are acceptable in your role; but there’s another part of you that likes to walk barefoot on the earth, connect to nature’s energy, or check in with your heart and higher-self before you make a call on something.

If there is a way you believe you ‘should’ be in order to save face, or because that is the ‘accepted’ face of your industry (“stop shoulding – start wanting!”) this ‘should’ is often the ‘tough’ version, and there is a danger that that part of you starts diminishing the softer part of you in all areas of your life. You may start to block off your intuition to listen to logic, to cut off your heart to only follow your head, to shut down your crown and steel yourself, because that’s what others expect.

But that’s not your whole self.                                                                                                                             I know how you feel
For a long time I tried to separate my spiritual self from my practical, business, self. Last year, I realised I had been hiding my more spiritual side in my own business to be ‘more acceptable’ to those corporate clients who might not take me ‘seriously’ if they knew.

Of course, what this also did was hide me from those who would love to experience and benefit from the deep work which involves exploring the energetic connection between your fears around speaking or self-expression, and your voice vibration. I know for a fact (because she told me) that the CEO and founder of How To Build A Brand, Sammy Blindell, would have come to me when she suddenly found herself having to do the international presentations for her business when her business partner left…. IF she had known that what I do is so much more, and so much deeper, than just public speaking confidence coaching. But she didn’t know, so she didn’t come to me then … we have since worked together and this is what she had to say!

What are you missing out on by making your spirituality smaller?

I get it. It’s easy to worry that you’ll be negatively judged, that others won’t understand that side of you, that you might be ridiculed. I’m not saying that you have to shout it from the roof-tops, your spiritual/ intuitive/ connected/conscious side (whatever you want to call it) might not be integral to your work, but it is a part of you. What I am saying, is that if you want to live your whole life, if you want to be more wholly YOU, then finding a way to integrate your spirituality in your day to day work life will be beneficial.

It takes way too much energy to keep the divide between your business head and spiritual heart, so it’s time to reconnect.

Use your energetic connection to universal energy to create rather than separate, especially if you really want to be connected to your deepest truth and operate from your higher purpose. Re-discover your core values so that you can express your truth without feeling like you will alienate those around you. Reconnect with your energetic field so you can enhance your ability to not absorb, get drawn in to, or dragged down by, the negative energy of others.Person in meditation pose with Chakra lights and Sound energy starsIf you are a CEO of an international company you don’t need to tell anyone, but if you find guidance or support through crystals, meditation, or oracle cards, or you like to do a spirit guide journaling before a big meeting – then remember it’s OK to do that.  If you have the power to, why not introduce more of your ‘high vibration’ ways of thinking in to the workplace? Let people see the benefits of taking time to meditate, connecting to intuition, protecting your energy field, or asking for help. Nurture an environment of awareness and genuine support created from your true voice, and see your teams and business flourish.

If you work in any role, where is there a chance to bring little rituals in to your work life, to remind you of your spiritual connection? It doesn’t have to be drastic; it might be taking an actual lunch break and going to a park to reconnect with nature, or putting a few crystals around your desk to help you cope with the energy vampires, or electromagnetics. Get clarity on what you need, and the tools that work for you, to always be able to reconnect to your spiritual self in an imperceptible heart-beat.

I feel that it can be perceived as harder for men, or women working in a masculine world, but I know IT consultants who are also reiki practitioners, international banking compliance managers who have crystal collections, medical doctors who would love to be able to prescribe meditation, or sounding… and the more open all of us are about the ways we search for our higher-vibration self, the more we’ll realise that it is more mainstream, there are more of us out there, than we think.

Take heart, see how ‘mindfulness’ and yoga is everywhere now, many businesses are brining meditation or yoga practitioners in as part of health and wellbeing initiatives…..there are health and wellbeing initiatives!! Our world is opening up and you are at the forefront so here’s to #ConsciousWellbeing in whatever form it takes for you.

It’s only since I re-branded as Your Whole Voice in May 2017 that I started to speak more about the sound healing and power of voice vibration work that I do. After all, how can I ask others to speak with their whole voice if I’m not using mine? In my one-to-one work, it is the voice-vibration sound healing and higher-self work that is the power behind the deep work, to connect to your true truth and the passion behind your higher purpose, for confident self-expression. If I’m not speaking about that, who will?

In the last few months I’ve realised I am still hiding in some ways, not playing as big, or shining as brightly as I could, so these recent articles are my way of taking the next steps out of the ‘spiritual’ closet – and I have to admit, it feels great. Slightly scary, but great.

“I’m Judith and I am magic.”

How do you create, or spread, a bit of magic in your life?

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JQ x

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