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If you would like to have some of my work with you at all times, here you will find both free and paid-for products to either expand the work you have done with me, or introduce yourself to how I work with Vocal Confidence, Sounding and Coaching. More online products will become available throughout 2018.

Please use the following links for more information on full programmes that empower you through finding your whole voice, sound, and life.

  • voice-short Watch

    Find Your Voice Vibration- Video Download

    An introduction to some core elements of my voice work.

    Explore & expand your voice with simple, easy to implement exercises.

    In just 3-5 minutes a day, enhance your tone, projection & support for your voice, so that you have more awareness of where your body and breath affect your voice and become more comfortable and confident when speaking to others.

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  • Group workshop people doing breathing exercises
    Events voice-short

    Give Yourself …. Permission To Speak

    A powerful two day group workshop to find your more confident voice. Also great if you want to ‘try me out’ before committing to deeper or longer work with me. 

    This two days combines your desire to speak, or live life, with more confidence, to be able to speak as YOU, with warmth, connection, and conviction, without fear of what others might think.  I share an abundance of tools and techniques so that you can start to effect change and feel the difference before the course is done.

    Please be aware that no refunds are available after 14days from purchase.  Only full price tickets are date transferable, but all tickets may be transferred to another person.

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  • Describes mastermind session for vocal coach and sound healing

    Monthly “Mine-My-Mind” Mastermind

    The “Mine-My-Mind” mastermind session is your opportunity to ask questions, get solutions and explore any element of my work that you are curious, unsure, or would like to know more about.

    Whether you are intrigued by vocal confidence work, mindset/life-coaching, or voice-vibration and chakra sounding – or a combination of any or all – this is a space for you to have your questions answered, maybe questions like:

    “What speaking situations will this help me with?” (Pretty much all)
    “What is sounding?” (physical and energetic release & state change)
    “How ‘woo’ are you?”  (Fairly – but you don’t have to be)
    “How practical is the work you do?” (Very – otherwise what’s the point?!)
    “Do I have to do it all?” (Nope)
    “How do you work within a company setting?” (That varies)
    “What can it help me with?” (SO much … come and ask me)

    The topic of the sessions will be led by you (those who attend) and will be a chance to ask any questions you have and even to experience some of how I work if you want to ‘hot seat’ a specific challenge that you have. 

    Your Whole Voice is about YOU living YOUR whole LIFE without regrets, without fear of other people’s opinions, and without the effort of trying to live up to those expectations set in your mind (which I know is easier said than done.)  So come and get a taster of how you can set yourself free through this work.

    Imagine if everyone knew how simple it can be to release emotional frustrations and baggage and connect to the energy of their best or higher self to create better, brighter, lighter, feelings, to manage emotions and change their state through the simplicity of sounding and the magic of the hum!

    Imagine if everyone knew how to express themselves clearly, to share their knowledge, thoughts, ideas, to have that conversation they’ve been avoiding, to go for that job opportunity or speak about their business with confidence, to state their position or share their vulnerability,  to ask for what they want or need – without being connected to the bitterness, anger, defensiveness, resentment, blame, or fear, that comes from their ‘stuff’.   But instead they are connected to what lies under all that ‘stuff’ and can express themselves in a way to create a better situation connected to a higher-purpose end result.

    What does this mean to you?
    More self-confidence, yes, better jobs or businesses, yes, better personal and professional relationships, yes, less stress, yes, deeper self-awareness, hell yes .. and so much more

    But if there were one word that would sum it up, the one word that gets repeated more than any other by my clients after they work with me is that they feel:


    This is the core of my work. This is my passion and purpose.  This is what I do. Let me help you shine your light so that your life can feel lighter too.

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  • Showing the Seven Chakra Sound Cards Colours and Crystals
    LIFE SOUND sound-sessions VOICE Work With Me

    Seven Simple Sounds 7 Week Online Course

    Join this powerful seven week fully supported in-person online course.

    This online course, delivered in real-time on zoom, with me by your side, takes you on a journey of your voice vibration and how it connects to, influences, and releases the energetic and emotional energies that hold you back in life.

    Explore and accept your voice. Release your rubbish. Raise your vibration.

    The next course dates will probably be in the autumn of 2021 – contact me to register your interest

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  • Sun set
    LIFE life-introduction VOICE voice-short Work With Me

    45 Minute Discovery

    Short and Simple – and Deeply Powerful.
    Book a 45 minute intense ‘deep-dive’ discovery session for you to get to the bottom of where your vocal confidence or public speaking nerves come from, or if you’re thinking about working with me in other ways, but want to ‘suss me out’ this is a great way to explore my style and try out a few of my tools.

    Get your first session for £99 – use code First99 in the basket

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  • VOICE voice-luxury Work With Me

    Deep-Dive Intensive 1/2 Day VIP

    Find a solution to one specific speaking problem or find your core challenge.

    This session is perfect if your time or money budget is limited but you still know that you want to get to the bottom of what it is that stops you from expressing yourself.  We’ll find your core challenge and work on replacing old beliefs or identity labels so that you can approach your self-expression from a new place of awareness.

    Also great if you have worked with me in some way before and want to intensively practice a speech or presentation you have already prepared.

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  • VOICE voice-luxury Work With Me

    Finding Your Voice VIP Day

    Release your core challenge AND work on a specific speech, challenge, or conversation.

    Find your voice and what blocks it, create a speech, practice and hone an important presentation, learn to manage your nerves – whatever you need to focus on, we will create.

    These sessions are held from 10am – 6pm, in London, and are created bespoke for you.  You have the choice between the luxury option at a lovely hotel, or the comfort version, working from Judith’s base in SE London.

    The work is the same, it’s the venue and lunches that change.

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  • Lighthouse
    VOICE voice-long Work With Me

    Stand And Deliver

    A short and sweet stand-alone programme to create and practice your presentation, pitch, or speech.

    A 60 Day programme, perfect for that ‘thing’ you’ve got coming up, whether that’s a wedding speech, job interview, professional pitch, or presentation of some other kind.  Make sure you’ve got the upper hand and got this down to give yourself the best opportunity to ‘take your audience hostage’ as you stand and deliver.

    Can also be used as a post-workshop or post-intensive block of support sessions.

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  • Powerful wave
    VOICE voice-short Work With Me

    90 Minute Deep Dive Session

    Discover your core confidence challenge and liberate your true voice, to liberate your life.

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  • Lighthouse
    VOICE voice-long Work With Me

    My Voice My Life

    Six months of ongoing support to practice using your more confident voice in your personal and professional life.

    A fully supported 6 month coaching package for you to implement the tools you’ve learnt from our intensive or your workshop, to put them in to practice through your life.   You have me there with you to work through the areas in work or life where you are currently feeling held back or where challenges make themselves known.  You choose your combination of vocal confidence and life-coaching.

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  • Lighthouse
    LIFE life-intense sound-intensives voice-luxury Work With Me

    “The QuintEssential You” – VIP 2-Day

    Everything from the one-day plus time to process and 3 months of ongoing support. Shine a light on what is getting in your way and who you want to be.

    Get right away from your daily responsibilities and distractions to focus 100% on reconnecting to who you are, what is important to you, and how you express yourself personally and professionally.

    Give yourself the chance to start again, refresh, re-frame and re-focus, with time to process thoughts and ideas to move forward.

    Gain a deeper level of self-awareness, tools and techniques to use for life, and ongoing support from me.

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  • Sunrise at Glastonbury Tor on the last morning of event
    LIFE life-intense sound-intensives voice-luxury Work With Me

    Whole Voice. Whole Life. Whole You. 3-Day Personal Retreat

    Are you ready for a whole new way of looking at life?   Give yourself the chance to start again, refresh, re-frame and re-focus, with time to process thoughts and ideas to move forward personally and professionally.

    Release yourself from the bonds of your past beliefs and experiences, and reconnect to who you know you could be, or want to be.  A practical and spiritual journey including connecting to your higher, spiritual, self and releasing ancestral patterns too.

    Gain a deeper level of self-awareness, tools and techniques to use for life.

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Not sure what's right for you?

Book a 20 minute clarity call and we can talk it through.


"I now feel so much clearer, motivated again, and confident to move forward in my career and make the necessary changes happen."

Gabi Fritz – Actress and Healer

“You help people find both their inner and outer voice and in turn this gives them strength as a person, it has developed my inner strength and confidence.”

Dr Ellen Wright