45 Minute Discovery Life

A 45 minute ‘deep-dive’ discovery session for you to get to the bottom of where your life would like to go.


This powerful session has the ability to uncover your core challenges, help you become aware of what is holding you back, and help you change your focus, to move forward .  If you are open to it, it can be deep, powerful, work, with big realisations, that can get to the core problem that creates the things that block your life.

From there, we can highlight what you might need to do on an ongoing basis, either on your own or with my support.

“Such an insightful session, I am so pleased. I learned how my thinking was getting in the way. Judith’s questions gave me the opportunity to reflect and then put that into practice. I would highly recommend Judith’s introduction session”
(Yasmin Ali – Owner – Beadeze)


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45 Minute Discovery Life


A 45 minute intense ‘deep-dive’ discovery session for you to get to the bottom of where your challenges in life arise and what you want to do to change that and create a life more in line with what you want out of it.

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