45 Minute Discovery

A 45 minute ‘deep-dive’ discovery session for you to get to the bottom of where you are stuck.
Whether that’s in your vocal confidence, public speaking, or feeling stuck in life.
Discover awareness of where the challenges come from and take away a couple of things to practice.

Use this session as a one-off introduction to explore my approach and methods before committing to working with me further.  Or, if you’ve worked with me before, you can use it as an ad-hoc top-up when you need me.

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This powerful session has the ability to uncover your core challenges and help you change your focus the next time you are in the situations where you currently falter, fail, or find yourself holding back.  If you are open to it, it can be deep, powerful, work, with big realisations that get to the core problem, the one that creates your nerves, fear, or hatred of public speaking – the one that stops you from shining and stepping in to who you really are.

Alternatively, if you’re not ready for the big deep dive, this session is perfect to explore a few of the tools and techniques I use to unlock the key to stepping in to who you are, to explore the energies, experiences, or emotions that are holding you back, or to find what might work best to manage your self-expression challenges.

From this session, we will highlight what might work best for you as your next steps for working on your challenge with my support, whether that’s through a workshop or retreat, an intensive VIP experience, or on an ongoing coaching, healing, or support basis.

“Such an insightful session, I am so pleased. I learned how my thinking was getting in the way of my speaking. Judith’s questions gave me the opportunity to reflect and then put that into practice. I would highly recommend Judith for support in finding your voice. In fact, I used a different way of describing what I do at a networking event on Wednesday and it worked!”   (Yasmin Ali – Owner – Beadeze)


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45 Minute Discovery


Short and Simple – and Deeply Powerful.
Book a 45 minute intense ‘deep-dive’ discovery session for you to get to the bottom of where your vocal confidence or public speaking nerves come from, or if you’re thinking about working with me in other ways, but want to ‘suss me out’ this is a great way to explore my style and try out a few of my tools.

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