45 Minute Sound Healing Sessions

Your Options for Your Sound Healing Sessions:
(all available in-person or online)

The Voice-Vibration Sounding Process
Receive a Personal Sound Healing
Explore, Restore and Revive Your Chakra Energy Through Sound

Experience The Voice-Vibration Sounding Process
Give your pain or emotions a voice – and let them go.  I guide you through this process supporting you as you recognise and release what lies under your physical and/or emotional pain, stress, and frustrations.

I guide you through this process to discover where you hold your pain and emotions in your body, where the energy comes from, how you relate to it, what it is actually trying to do when it comes up – we give it shape, form, weight – maybe even a name – and then through sounding we give it a voice – we let your challenges/fears/anxiety/block have a voice and be heard, possibly for the first time in your life.  We make friends with it.

And then we let it go and find the sounds that reassure this block that you are aware of it, we dissipate the fears to make space for what you’d like to be holding inside you instead – and find THIS sound too.

This session gives you simple and effective tools for life to help you dissolve fear and encourage the emotions or energy that you want to be creating instead.  A lifetime tool that helps you let go of the deep-set blocks that have held you back.  Receive these on a session-by-session basis, or suggested 3 x sessions for you to fully embody the process and it to feel autonomous.

Receive a Sound Healing

If you would prefer, you can use the session to receive your own personal and personalised healing sound bath, as I always channel the sounds from the requirements of your energetic field.

Explore, Restore and Revive Your Your Chakras Through Sound

These sessions can also be used for you to sound the energies of your chakras (or energy centres.)  to receive your own personal and personalised sound bath, as I always channel the sounds from the requirements of your energetic field.

You can use these sessions regularly or as one-offs, or as an introduction to my work from which we can highlight what might work best for you as your next steps for working on your challenge with my support, whether that’s through a workshop or retreat, an intensive VIP experience, or on an ongoing coaching, healing, or Global Sound Circle support basis.

“It was different to anything I have ever experienced before. I could feel the vibration of the sound throughout my body, even though we were online.  I remember feeling as if the sound was heating me up from the inside and freeing me up physically too, the top part of my back became less tense. It made me feel relaxed, peaceful and happy!”   (Angela Mills)


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45 Minute Sound Healing Sessions


Personal Sound Healing, Sonic Meditation, or Sonic Massage
Choose whether you receive a personal sound healing, enhance your sonic meditation process and get to know the chakra sounds better, or be guided in sounding for yourself to explore one specific energetic or emotional block that’s needing to release.

Also a good session if you’re thinking about working with me in other ways, but want to ‘suss me out’ this is a great way to explore my style and try out a few of my tools.