Embody Your Voice: Speak & Shine

Let me support you as you integrate your social voice, physical voice and whole self in to your life and start using your voice to ask for what you want and need, to be seen, heard and acknowledged, and to keep moving towards creating the life you want to live.

A six month fully supported coaching package which is best made use of after you’ve worked with me on a 1-2-1 basis or been to the 2-Day Vocal Confidence Workshop.  Now, it’s time for you to  use the tools to release the vocal confidence challenges, limitations, and beliefs you currently hold.  By discovering your challenges and uncovering your true, whole, more confident voice we work through the areas in work or life where you are currently held back so that you can live life as your true, whole, more confident, coherent, and integrated self. 

Whether for you this starts with wanting to get promoted or to positively promote yourself, to improve your personal communication style or effectiveness, to improve public speaking, or stopping people-pleasing and feeling able to live YOUR life to its fullest, not letting worries of what other people might think stop you from taking action and moving forward in life.

This package is developed specifically with and for you, in order to transform your vision of yourself, your voice and your life.

Combining both vocal confidence and life-coaching (because your voice is indivisible from your life and visa-versa) this ongoing support has been used by clients in the past to:

  • Work on how to have and what to say in specific challenging conversations (both personal and professional)
  • Create talks/presentations that need to be delivered
  • Support life-changes and choices (both personal and professional)
  • Find direction and focus
  • Continue to embed and embody the work we’ve done on our intensive session or workshop


  • Six months of ongoing support
  • 45 minute coaching session once every three weeks
  • 15min ‘help’ call available between sessions
  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • Pre-knowledge and first-refusal of any events, products, workshops and special offers for life.

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•  Or purchase in full now and book your first session once complete  •

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Embody Your Voice: Speak & Shine


Six months of ongoing support to practice using your more confident voice in your personal and professional life.

A fully supported 6 month coaching package for you to implement the tools you’ve learnt from our intensive or your workshop, to put them in to practice through your life.   You have me there with you to work through the areas in work or life where you are currently feeling held back or where challenges make themselves known.  You choose your combination of vocal confidence and life-coaching.