90 Minute Deep Dive Session

Use a 90 minute session to discover the core challenge behind your vocal confidence or public speaking daemons.

What is your core vocal confidence challenge? 

Your voice is a reflection of every experience, or emotion, you’ve ever had, imagined, or witnessed.

As such, when it comes to fully expressing yourself in those situations that challenge you, there is a younger version of you hiding somewhere in your subconscious brain and body’s cell memory who is trying to stop you from sharing your voice.  It is the energy of this younger version of you that fills you up and puts you in to ‘fight or flight’ mode when you go to speak, and you are probably unaware of where it comes from.

Self-awareness is key to changing your subconscious patterns, making the subconscious, conscious if you like.  In this session we will use a variety of tools and techniques to explore which version of you it is that is getting in your way. We start with the physical body and how it responds in the situations you are uncomfortable expressing yourself in, and then connect that to emotion memory.

Once you have the awareness that it is, say, 9 year old you who experienced someone else being made fun of for making a mistake when reading aloud – so your brain and body decided that being heard was ‘dangerous’ – we then go through a couple of exercises which mean that whenever you are in your challenging situations in the future, you can remember that you are not 9 any more, and use a few techniques to reassure and quiet that child within.

This session is the key to the power of the work that I do.  It is the centre of all the intensives and the basis of creating new speaking patterns.  It can be hugely powerful and sometimes gets emotional, however, once you know why you are challenged, we can then work with, manage, and clear that.

Knowing the different elements, versions of you, and situations that have impacted your vocal confidence through life in the past will liberate you as you move forward in life now and in to your new future.
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90 Minute Deep Dive Session


Discover your core confidence challenge and liberate your true voice, to liberate your life.