Confidently Positive. Positively Confident.

Live Online With Me – 17th -23rd July 7-8/8:30pm each weekday evening

Have you sacrificed some of your path or desires, because you’re seen as ‘too quiet’ or haven’t been bold enough?

Wouldn’t it be great to speak up for yourself?
How fabulous would it be to quiet your ‘Inner People-Pleaser’ or ‘Impostor’ and just say
“I’m really good at what I do”
And create more of the chances you deserve?

This online week with me will give you tools and techniques to move forward in life and to feel more comfortable speaking about yourself POSITIVELY with Confidence. 

Confidence is NOT arrogance.  Learn how to feel the difference. 
Assertive is NOT aggressive. You’re not going to change personality.
Saying you’re GOOD at what you do is NOT bragging if it’s a fact. (or that you’re a good person …or whatever it is)

Join me for this 5 night live-online event: 
Each session will last an absolute maximum of 90 mins.  The main session will be 1hr but I’m open to Q&A going a bit beyond that. 

  • Session 1: Thoughts & Feelings understand what’s really at play here and find ways to change it.

  • Session 2: Qualities & Values start to learn how to give yourself more worth

  • Session 3: Posture & Projection these two elements are key in changing how confident and positive you sound

  • Session 4: Saying ‘No’, Setting Boundaries & a SPOTLIGHT a bit of a bonus – but often linked to not sounding confident – when you say ‘No’ or set boundaries, people still push them.  ALSO two people will get to work deeper on their specific challenge this night. This is likely to be a 90 minute session.

  • Session 5: Practice & Play time to put everything into action and start practicing what you’ve learnt in our safe space. 

This will be a practical and supported space where you will be with other people who have similar challenges to you.  You are not alone.

You will have the time and space to explore what it is you are subconsciously playing out

You will leave the course having changed how you think and feel about at least one element of speaking about yourself confidently.

Have a safe space in which to ask the questions you have been avoiding, like:
‘But what if people think I’m selfish, rude, arrogant or a bad person?’ or ‘If I say ‘No.’ to others, will they hate me? ‘ and ‘Won’t I be seen as ‘difficult’?’ …. In short – No.  Some people might not like the change – but that’s because they’re used to you in the background – but others will love it!

“Seriously powerful stuff! Everything Judith delivers is platinum. Everything.”  (James Goodhew)

This course is for you if any of the below apply:

  • You need to promote yourself or your business better
  • You want a promotion or new job & need to interview confidently
  • You know you’re a bit of a people-pleaser and are looking for ways to reduce that
  • You’re exhausted by & fed up of feeling like you’re left behind by ‘louder’ people
  • You want to feel more in control of your life
  • You want to be able to ask for what YOU want or need
  • You want to start making stronger choices for YOU in your life
  • You know you’ve been held back in your professional life by this and you’re over it!
“I gained a lot of insights and tools to continue my growth. I recommend it.” Emily Birolini

I’m really wary of feeling emotional in front of a group of strangers, is this likely?
To be honest, it’s likely, yes, but one of my core skills is holding space for people so that they feel safe to do the work. Those who come to my workshops often feel the same and the support you get from each other is key too.  Also …  when you have recognised and released some of your stuff you’re also likely to feel joy, delight, ease, even possibly elation!

Refunds & Transfers. Please be aware that no pre-event refunds or transfers are available

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Confidently Positive. Positively Confident.


Is it time to speak about yourself positively with confidence – rather than worrying that you’ll sound arrogant or egotistical?
How much longer are you going to miss out on opportunities because those who do say ‘Yes, I’m great at that’ always get in before you?

Come and join me 17th – 23rd July

Talking of boundaries: Please be aware that no refunds are available

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