Younger Self, Higher Self, Combined Connection

Combined Sound Healing Session
A 90minute session combining The Sounding Process™ plus a received Sound Healing Therapy
This treatment gives you the chance to both be active in your own process, and then rest as you are more passive and receive a combined sound healing treatment using voice, and whatever instruments call me to use from crystal bowls, chimes, drums & other percussion. 

Younger-Self Awareness Session.
Usually the start of any intensive day with me – now available on its own.
In this session I guide you in a process to connect with a specific younger version of you that relates to your restrictions, fears, or hesitations – and tries to protect you but becomes the energy of what’s holding you back.

Take a Conscious Journey through your subconscious to recognise and release that energy.  Give love to who you used to be so they can let you move forward into who you want to become.


Higher-Self Connection Session.
In this session we focus purely on the energy of the pure essence of you – your ‘higher’ self – the energy of all that is possible if you embrace the energy of the glory of you without your human gunk.
Take a Conscious Journey through your subconscious and super conscious to meet your higher self.  Receive their insights and embrace your light.

Higher-Self and Light Council Connection Session.
In this session I guide you in a meditative process to connect with your intuition and meet your
‘Light Council’ / Cosmic Team / Spirit Guides – whatever you might like to call them.
Take a Conscious Journey through your subconscious and super conscious to meet your energetic support crew.

 These fully supported 1-2-1 sessions give you deep awareness and lifetime tools to use that help you let go of deep-set blocks that have held you back.  Look at yourself, your challenges and your approach to life with a whole new perspective.  The process is a unique experience for each individual and I will guide you through it step by step.   For just £197 you could have the revelation that makes the difference to each choice you make, situation you face or ease you need. Allow up to 90minutes for this session – average time is about 75 minutes.

What is your ‘higher-self’?

Your higher self is the pure energy of who you really are.  It is the pure essence, spirit, soul (call it what you will) the pure light energy that you were conceived with, untainted by the human experiences that hold you back or cause you pain.  It is only our human self that holds on to the pain, blame and challenges of life.  Your higher self does not.  In fact, this version of you has only grown brighter, more aware, and more who you are supposed to be from all the things you’ve been through.   It’s important to know the energy your higher self carries so that when life gets tough, when you are stuck in the human challenges, fears, and blocks that stop you from being all you can be – you have another option.

You can consciously connect to and channel this higher vibrational energy so that you can live this human life closer to the energy of the whole of who you could be, or who you know you want to be.  When you connect to the higher vibration and make life choices from the energy of your higher self you feel lighter, brighter, stronger and more sure of yourself.

Who are/what is your ‘light council’
Your light council is made up of multiple, select energies that are always there to support you.  You may have used or heard the phrase spirit guides or cosmic team … this is the same.  This is a phrase that a friend and fellow sound healer used in a session I was having with her and I love it.  Your light council is usually made up of a combination of spirit energy, angels, ancestors, spirit animal, ascended masters, family, elementals, past lives, spirit guides, or maybe even alien energy.  Most people seem to have between 6 – 10 members of light on their council, and your higher self sits at the centre of it.  Other energies come and go and can be called in, but your light council are always there to be called upon and support your higher self to help your human self listen to your intuition and guide you when you ask.

I created this meditation to help you connect to those energies for extra support in your life.  This process helps you to create a deeper connection to those energies that surround you.  It also gives you a brief introduction to the essence of who you are in your highest vibration and so that you can have a more concrete image of those you are calling on when you are looking for guidance from ‘on high’.

What is a ‘younger-self’ session and why are they important?
Your younger self session is a powerful way of releasing the subconscious blocks stopping you from moving forward. We all have certain types of situations, or types or people, that we find challenging in life, things that bring up nerves, blocks, or stuckness. Very often we don’t know what it is, or why we find ourselves restricted. In many situations the challenge is that there’s an unknown fear which rises that comes from an experience in the past. This experience doesn’t have to be traumatic – nor is it usually directly connected to the situations that you find challenging – but your cell memory and subconscious brain don’t differentiate between what is, and what things feel like.

So often what you perceive as the problem is actually not the people or situations, but a version of your younger self filling you up with their fears – but who do you want to go into that room – the younger version of you whose emotions are heightened and unable to understand perspective or intention – or  YOU now … you with your knowledge, skills and experience and ability to discern perspective and intention.

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You might also like to combine the younger you and higher self – as a half day intensive … or explore all three and more in a 1, 2, or 3-day  1-2-1 deep dive with me.  Find out more here

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Younger Self, Higher Self, Combined Connection


Spiritual Sounding, Younger Self, Higher-Self and Spirit Guide Connection

A 1:1 session with me where we can either do a combined healing session of both The Sounding Process and receive a personal sound therapy session, OR discover a deeper relationship with your younger self, or  higher self* and your personal Light Council** to help you connect and listen to your intuition, find clarity, connect to your higher purpose and give you guidance.

* Higher self: the pure essence of your soul/spirit the light you were born with that also holds the lessons and experience of your life, but without the human pain or fears

** Light Council: the etheric energies closest to you who are always there for you to call on – whatever form they take for you.