Embody Your Voice – 7-Day Deep-Dive Retreat

Embody Your Voice

7-Day Equinox Retreat

 Sound Healing, Self-Expression, & Yoga to Find & Free Your True Voice

Person in meditation pose with Chakra lights and Sound energy stars

I downloaded this retreat in a meditation in October 2016 – I’d never run a retreat before, but it showed me how it would be, and I kept seeing lighthouses.  In October 2018, having successfully run several sound healing, Sound Your Voice 3-day retreats, I found the perfect yoga teacher, in Aideen Schweppe and she in turn helped me find the venue for this spectacular 7-Day retreat – and there’s even the lighthouse close by!

This retreat is seven days spent in the wild beauty of Ireland’s south coast, at the Wild Atlantic Way Yoga Centre, close to Kinsale, just a 35minute drive from Cork International Airport.

On each day you will be exploring, expanding, freeing and accepting your true self, through your relationship to your voice-vibration. Discover what past emotions and experiences are still trapped in your body’s cell memory – acknowledge them and let them go.   Focusing on one chakra each day you will be working with:

  • Voice-Vibration Sound Healing Did you know that your voice is a reflection of every emotion or experience you have ever felt?  Find where in your body you hide energetic emotional tension and memories, the reflections and remnants of past connections.  This is the core element of the retreat – to be able to acknowledge what you are still holding on to (often subconsciously.)  Release these energies that hold you back in life so that you can move forward and step in to who you really are today and who you want to be in the future.  Explore and expand your voice, find and free your true voice so that, moving forward, you can express yourself with confidence, clarity, and conviction; connected to your deepest truth and higher purpose.
  • Journaling The freedom of writing everything that you feel without judgment, and the power of being able to see and read back your own transitions, experiences, awareness’s and moments of clarity, insight and sparks of bright ideas.  Journaling is an integral part of both the retreat and of finding your voice – you might write what you would never actually say.
  • Sharing Within the group, as you share what you experienced in the sounding, your realisations and ‘Ah-Ha’ moments help others in the group find, or absorb their own.
  • Yoga Sessions Physically connect to, open up, and create space in each chakra so that you can release the physical holdings you discover and in creating greater connection to your body, so have the ability to use more of your voice.
  • Crystal Energy You will be gifted with a crystal to work with for each chakra, a tool to support your transitions, or through which to transfer the energy you no longer want to hold on to.
  • Subconscious Drawing Sometimes we don’t know how to say it with words, so being able to choose colours and scribble what’s inside is a great way of starting to acknowledge what is residing where we can’t see it.

    There will also be time for private sessions

  • Vocal Confidence Coaching If there is something specific you would like to be able to express, that you currently leave unsaid – or situations in which you would like to be more confident expressing yourself, there are sessions in which you can explore nerve management and finding new ways to share what you have to say.
  • Holistic Therapy You may book an extra session of Sound Healing (sound, reiki & positive touch) or Vocal Confidence or Life-Coaching with me, or MLD or Massage with Aideen (these are not included in the package)

Testimonials from previous retreats

See full retreat outline here

Whether you are already aware of the power of sounding, sound healing and sonic meditation, or if you have never experienced the power of sounding before, this seven days will resonate with you if you want to:

  • understand what it is that gets in the way of expressing yourself, or speaking in front of others
  • release the heaviness of energetic emotional baggage that your body is holding to
  • have a deeper understanding of who you are, on both a physical level & higher soul level
  • expand your energetic vibration
  • explore and expand the connection between your brain, body and voice.
“Judith’s patience, dedication and mastery of her work creates a tranformative environment.
I would most certainly recommend the retreat and working with Judith in any capacity.”
(Soheyl Moshki)

When you leave, you will have more confidence in using your physical voice, more acceptance of and connection to who you really are now rather than who you used to be, and an ability to place your voice where you want your intention to be.  You will have a raised awareness of where you may restrict yourself when speaking, and have released some subconscious blocks around self-expression, feeling lighter and more free to express yourself.

Spaces start from ONLY £1547  including meals, accommodation, sound sessions, meditation crystals and sonic meditation CD  Booking Details Here

“I really very much enjoyed the sounding. I learnt about myself and how I relate to others and self.” (Amelia P)

Join us for daily sound healing, yoga, sonic meditation, coaching, journaling, crystal energy connection, country walks and  quiet reflection time…  You also have the option to join the daily morning silent walk and have afternoon time-out.

Held in a small group, with a maximum of 7 attendees, you will support each other through the powerful shifts of voice and mindset as you recognise and release the restrictions around your voice in your body and become more comfortable being in the full power of your voice and body.

Relaxation time is included in the afternoons and evening of the retreat and limited Elite upgrade 1-2-1 sessions with Judith or treatment sessions with Aideen are available as an added extra if you would like.

The retreat starts at 7:00pm on Friday 20th March 2020 (collection from Cork airport at 2pm or meet us in Kinsale, or at the venue) and ends at 12pm Midday on Friday 27th March 2020. (returning to Cork airport at 2pm)

Bedrooms and bathrooms are shared, there are no en-suites, there is one single private room available.   If you are travelling with a friend or partner, do let us know so that the rooms can be allocated respectfully.   Room allocation will be confirmed when the retreat is full and rooms may be mixed-gender. If for any reason you need to be in a single gender room let us know. (please see housekeeping notes)

Layout for Sonic Meditation Chakra Crystals, Candles and Chimes
EVENT OVERVIEW: some elements are to be confirmed and may be weather dependant. The afternoon sessions either happen at 2pm directly after lunch, or at 5pm, which leaves you daily free-time or time to arrange a private session with Judith or Aideen

Arrival Day– Leave Cork airport at 2pm, tea and cake in Kinsale, – or if travelling under your own steam, join us in Kinsale or arrive at the venue from 6pm – Gather at 7pm for quick ‘get to know you’ and welcome supper is at 7:30,  followed by introductory sonic meditation.

Day 1  Base Chakra (Afternoon – Walk to the coastal famine graveyard)

Day 2  Sacral Chakra (Afternoon – Self-Expression Session)

Day 3 Solar-Plexus Chakra (mid-retreat time-out & exploration of the coast with a trip to Timoleague  & dinner out – meal price not included.)

Day 4 Heart Chakra (Afternoon sea-sounding)

Day 5 Throat Chakra (Afternoon – Self-Expression Session)

Day 6 Third-Eye & Crown (Evening – Completion Ceremony)

Day 7 Full Sounding,  Completion & Intentions.  Morning Only – End at 12:00, trip to Kinsale & return to Cork Airport for 2pm

Want to come?

First, book your confirmation call with Judith to make sure it’s right for you. Book your call here 

Outline of Daily Schedule
Subject to some change due to weather, facilitator requirement, or group preferences

7.15 – 7:45 – Join Judith in silent walk (weather dependant and optional – if you want to stay in bed, or get up earlier, or walk longer – be our guest)

8:00 – 9:00 Morning Yoga with Aideen to open your chakra of the day

9:00 – 9:45  Breakfast

10:00 – 12:30 Sounding Session on Chakra of the day

12:30 –  13:00 pre-lunch processing break

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch

14:00 FREE TIME or Sound or Voice session (if you book a private session with Judith or Aideen this can happen now)
17:00 – 18:30 – Sound or Voice work or FREE TIME

19:00 – Dinner

20:30 – Yoga Nidra / Sonic Meditation for 30 minutes before bed.

The morning sounding sessions are where the core of the work will happen.  I will guide you in toning a specific sound to resonate with each of the energy centres (chakras) of your body in turn.  As you repeat the specific tone I will read the meditation over your toning.

This is the space where you recognise and release the holdings that you carry in that area.  When this ends there is silent reflection and journaling of what arose for you, followed by the opportunity to share your observations with the group.  We then fill the space you’ve created with sound and a higher vibration intention. This is an intensive experience which may release challenges you’ve been holding or hiding for a while, so please be aware it may get emotional.

All meals will be prepared by our host, Shirley, but will be collaborative in the clearing away (ie laying the table & loading the dishwasher!)  This is a vegetarian, no alcohol, retreat with no wi-fi available for attendees and limited phone signal (depending on your network.)  It is the Irish coast, so don’t expect the best 4G!

This is a true break away to come back to yourself.  However, if you need meat, drink & wi-fi, there is an afternoon and night out – and a pub a good walk down the road… .  (please see housekeeping notes)

“Judith’s retreat is an extraordinary way to connect to parts of yourself that you didn’t know want healing and deserve expression. Using the vibration of voice in the body is a powerful way to access your own vitality. It was fun to learn, enlightening and I have a new secret weapon to use to ground and connect to myself.”  (Helena Holrick)


Sleeping Options & Cost
Unless you book the single room (which is a single bed) you will share a room, and all rooms share a bathroom.

The price paid is for the whole retreat, including accommodation, all guided sounding and coaching sessions, and meals other than the dinner out.

The afternoon trips will require a car-share and anything you choose to buy there is not included.

ROOMS WILL BE ALLOCATED ONCE ALL SPACES ARE BOOKED – if you are part of a couple attending then your room will be confirmed as one of the doubles.  Group logistics will denote room allocation and rooms may be mixed-gender. If for any reason you need to be in a single gender room let us know.

Instalment payments may be made by arrangement.  This will be agreed on your clarity call.  The standard deposit is £597 –  all deposits are non-refundable and are an paid as an agreement to pay in full and attend the retreat.

PLEASE NOTE:  You may pay in full on the confirmation call (you must have this call before booking – book your call here) or secure your place with a deposit.  Payments must be made in full by the 1st September, or on booking date if after then.

Any questions book your confirmation call or email connect@yourwholevoice.com.

As with all retreats and holidays having your own travel insurance is recommended.

No travel or transfer costs are included but you can come with us from Cork Airport, or we can help you with recommendations for transfer from Cork International Airport.

If you have to fly in to Dublin – you MAY be able to arrange a lift with our yoga teacher – please check in advance.

Getting Here
Flights to Cork International Airport are closest
You may choose to hire a car to explore the area in down time
Transport to the yoga centre from the airport can be advised by Shirley at Wild Atlantic Way Yoga Centre

Please Read The Below – Booking & Payment Assumes Agreement

Housekeeping Notes

Booking T’s & C’s

 Limited availability – secure your space now

if you wish to register for this programme with me directly and find out more about how we will create a bespoke experience to fit you, please use the button below to arrange a free 30 minute clarity call with me.


To register and pay now, please see the below.

Embody Your Voice – 7-Day Deep-Dive Retreat


7 Chakras. 7 Sounds. 7 Days.

Take time for you.  Reconnect to who you really are.  Recognise and release past emotions, experiences and beliefs that are holding you back, restricting you from saying what you need to say, or fully expressing yourself.  Find and free your true voice, as you understand the deep connection between your brain, body, breath and vibration so you can step in to your full power and create clarity about and the confidence to take the next steps in your life or business.

PLEASE NOTE Price is per person. Before booking, to make sure it’s right for you, have your clarity call with Judith.