Embrace The Basics ~ New Year Start

A commitment-free introduction to all the elements of the work I offer
Vocal Confidence, Communication Skills & Voice-Vibration Energy

(or a quick ‘top-up’ for those who have done it before and can’t get enough!)

Leave with quick, practical, simple & effective tools, tips & techniques to start to
implement immediately to create change.
A great ½ day full of value.

Created as the perfect, low risk, low investment introduction to me and my work
(If you like what you experience; get 25% off any further workshops booked on the day)

This ½ Day focuses on 3 key elements of my work:

Speaking With Confidence
Learn why there’s no such thing as a fear of (public) speaking.
Take away simple and effective tools to manage nerves or fear of speaking
Discover the importance of not ‘Should-ing’ your life to please others
Understand how to better speak about yourself and/or your business with more confidence.

The Power of Voice-Vibration
Introducing the basics of this practical and powerful tool.
How you can use Sounding & Sonic Meditation to reduce stress and pain.
How to use Sounding & Sonic Meditation to expand your spiritual connection / sense of self.
Take away the 15 second stress-reducer.

The Whole V.O.I.C.E Method™ Core Elements
I’ll share the outline of how to have challenging conversations without fear of conflict.

Understand how to change how you think about those conversations that you usually avoid.

This workshop is for you if you want to work on any of the below:

  • Increase your confidence in general
  • Improve your public speaking/presentation skills
  • Speak up in meetings or other situations so that you are heard
  • Speak about yourself with confidence (without sounding arrogant!)
  • Speak about your work or business with confidence (without sounding like you’re showing off!)
  • Boost your sense of self-worth, self-esteem, self-awareness (so that you can take up space in the world)
  • Reduce your people-pleasing tendencies
  • Learn to say ‘No’
  • Start to set boundaries and expectations around your time/energy/money (so that you have more for YOU!)
  • Explore Voice-Vibration Sounding and Sonic Meditation to reduce stress and/or to …
  • Enhance your connection to your physical and/or spiritual self

Right for you if any of the below are true; that you:

  • Are looking for ways to work on yourself (or any of the above elements)
  • May not quite be sure about how you want to do that work
  • Want an in-person taster of how I work before you commit to deeper/longer work with me
  • Have been aware of me/my work – and want to confirm which path is right for you
  • Have done work with me before and want a ‘top-up’
  • Have worked with me before and want to learn about different elements of my work you’ve not experienced, before taking them further.

12pm – 3pm

Living Space, 1 Coral St, Waterloo, London SE1 7BE

Busses outside!
Waterloo Train & Tube 7 min walk

Embrace The Basics ~ New Year Start


A 1/2 day introduction to my work, methods & me.  Learn how there’s no such thing as a fear of speaking and how ‘I should’ is stopping you. Discover quick & effective tools to manage nerves and be heard.  Be introduced to the power of your own Voice-Vibration for stress reduction and understand how to have challenging conversations.
(and if you like what you experience – get 25% off any other London Workshops booked on the day)