Find Your Voice Vibration- Video Download


Do You:
Want a wider range of tone?
Want to increase projection?
Want to be more confident speaking?
Want to be more comfortable hearing yourself?
Want more awareness of where and how your body restricts your voice?

Start exploring and expanding your voice with this video, which is an introduction to some of how I work with voice vibration as a tool for vocal confidence, sound healing and meditation.

Practice daily to start feeling more comfortable with, connected to, and confident in, your voice.

Expand your range, strengthen your support, and increase your awareness of where your voice is coming from so that you can be heard more clearly, speak with more confidence and with less strain on your voice so it doesn’t tire as quickly.


“Loving the exercises. As a singer and actor I’ve been taught these things but when nerves kick in they go out the window. So helpful, it makes me connect to the breath so much more and it’s nice to go back to the deep breaths again afterwards!”
Rebecca Lindley, Actress

“I loved doing it – gave me a real sense of freedom with my voice.”
Carol May

“I found the breathing started to release tension in the body, the more I did the more relaxed I felt but also noticed it not how I normally take a breath”
John Moody.

Find Your Voice Vibration- Video Download


An introduction to some core elements of my voice work.

Explore & expand your voice with simple, easy to implement exercises.

In just 3-5 minutes a day, enhance your tone, projection & support for your voice, so that you have more awareness of where your body and breath affect your voice and become more comfortable and confident when speaking to others.