Online Global Sound Circle Drop-In

Come and join the Global Sound Circle members in our regular sonic meditation sessions.

Feel how sound creates blissful silence and delight in the vibration of stillness.

Like all meditation, voice-vibration sonic meditation helps reduce stress, clear the brain, and creates clarity, focus and space to breathe.
Unlike many meditations, you are an active participant, so it’s easier to access and simpler to find the silence – as we create the silence through making sound first.  Simple and effective, you can actually do it powerfully and effectively in just a matter of 30 seconds when you’re comfortable with it, but there’s nothing like the power and energy of group.

DON’T PANIC – Sounding is not singing; there is no right or wrong note, and you can have your mic turned off if you’d prefer not to be heard by others.  The power in the work can be felt by simply listening, or by you sounding to yourself.

Sonic meditation is a beautifully simple ‘way-in’ to meditation as well as a powerful self-healing
as you explore and accept your voice.

  • For those who find silent meditation challenging this is a wonderful way of finding release from the mental noise that can restrict us all at times.
  • Sonic meditation uses sound to distract the brain, because you are focusing on doing one thing (the sounding) the rest of your brain has the opportunity to let go and before you know it you are in that lovely peaceful meditative space.
  • The vibration of the sound also physically changes your cell-vibration to help let go of physical, mental & emotional stress and holdings, to remember how to breathe, and bring yourself back to the now.

I start the meditation by guiding you through a few exercises to connect breath to body, and breath & body to voice. Then I gently guide you in to making sound.  Using specific sounds we open each chakra or energy centre before we move into a chorus of ‘free sounding’; in which no one voice is heard alone as each voice helps create the group sound.

This frees your voice, inviting in positive energy from Source, creating a safe, sacred, space where you can escape ‘doing’ and let yourself just ‘be’.

When the sounding comes to a conclusion we then sit in silence, soaking in the residual energy created by the sound.  It is much easier to be sitting in the silence once you have created it yourself.

Sound is a powerful healing tool, do not be surprised if you have an emotional response to making sound, it is nothing unusual.

A great way to meditate if you find it hard to get a moment of quiet, or find silent meditation challenging, and a wonderful way to create a new relationship with your voice if you have ever been told “you can’t sing”, or you find it hard to express yourself.

This may be the simplest, quickest and most wonderful way of finding release from the mental noise that can restrict us all at times, whilst also finding your voice.

You don’t have to be a Global Sound Circle member to come to the drop-ins, so you can come and find out if it’s right for you.  If you’ve never come before you can experience your first THREE sessions for FREE.

Reduce Stress. Release Your Rubbish. Raise Your Vibration.

This session is a DONATION payment from ONLY £7 (If you want the 3 for free – Choose the £7 donation option then use code FirstFree in the coupon space in the basket)

What is the Global Sound Circle?
The Global Sound Circle is a part of my vision of Sound Around The World, a vision of a world where all people know about the simple, effective, power of voice-vibration sound healing and meditation.

Members of the Global Sound Circle groups receive access to the meditations, a monthly themed downloadable meditation, a private FB Group for support and sounding discussion, two special evening sessions a month of 45mins and 75/120mins to expand on the sounding work for emotional and energy healing, Q&A sessions, and more.

If you’d like to find out more about the Global Sound Circle membership click here  or scroll down to book your session today come and play your part in sharing Sound Around The World.

How Does It Work?
Join us on Zoom for the Global Sound Circle up to six times a month.  Explore your soul sound vibration with other people, all over the world.  Develop your breath, body, voice connection, find a way to meditate without having to be silent and learn to delight in the vibrant, silent, stillness at the end.

I guide you through a relaxation, sound chakra opening and sonic meditation into free-sounding; where we work as a group to create a sonic pool of sound and cell vibration in which no one voice is heard alone, as each voice helps create the group sound.

Sounding helps release stress and energetic holdings, boosts positivity and creates a beautiful, powerful, energy which is absorbed at the end of the session as we sit in the silence of the sonic vibrations.

Remember how to really breathe and free your true voice.

So come and find out what it’s all about, tell your friends and I’ll see you soon.

Online Global Sound Circle Drop-In


Come and explore your breath, body, voice connection and how sound can enhance silence for meditation and healing.
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