In-Person Combined Healing

Individual Combined Healing sessions, in-person, in South East London.

The sessions last around 75 minutes including consultation and recovery time and is a largely a sound healing combined with Earth Light Reiki and positive touch.  This is a clothes-on treatment given on the massage table and may also include crystal and oracle card support.

How does sound heal?

A very basic description of how sound works as a healing practice is this:

All matter vibrates, everything has a resonant frequency, so when we sound, every single one of our cells responds physically, changing their vibration, releasing and transmuting its energy.

If you think about how a voice can shatter a crystal glass or how sound travels through water, and that our bodies are made of over 80% water…. imagine sound travelling through you and the effect it has on your internal muscles, helping release the tension they are holding on to that you don’t even know is there.


1 session £70/£99

3 sessions £200/£275

6 sessions from £390/£525
Lower prices shown are concession rate
I operate an honesty system so that you can pay the rate you can afford right now

All sessions are around 75 mins depending on how much sound is required. Please be aware they may take a little over or under and may release deep held emotions.  Sound healing is not a medical treatment and if you have a physical or mental health condition or symptoms you should always seek medical advice.

Once purchased, you will receive a link via email to book your sessions.

•  please book your first session after payment, then use the link provided in the confirmation email to book your remaining sessions at your convenience  •

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In-Person Combined Healing


Combing Sound Healing, Earth-Light Reiki, and Massage.  Held in SE London, each session is about 75mins including consultation and recovery time.  Here you can purchase individual sessions, or save money by booking blocks of three or six Combined Healing sessions. Please book your first session using the interactive calendar.