Liberate Your Voice – 3-Day October Retreat

Sound Healing & Sonic Meditation
3-Day Retreat

Showing Locations For 3 Day Sound Healing Retreat

20th – 23rd October 2022
Explore, expand, free and accept your voice. 
Held over Halloween weekend, based on the traditional festival of Samhain when people believed that the barriers between the worlds were down at this time of transition to winter, I invite you to take a space by the wood burning stove and lower the barriers between the worlds of your past, present, and future on this weekend of liberating your voice.

Whether you are already aware of the power of sounding, sound healing and sonic meditation, or if you have never experienced the power of sounding before, this three days will resonate with you if you want to:

  • Understand what gets in the way of you fully expressing yourself, what stops you speaking your truth, setting boundaries, or saying ‘No.’ sometimes
  • Release and let go of the energy of past experiences and beliefs and their hold over you
  • Discover the power of your voice vibration to give you confidence and strength
  • Create Clarity for your personal or professional life – what do you really want? What are your next steps?
  • Explore and expand the physical, energetic, and spiritual connection between your brain, body and voice so that you feel lighter, free to be you
  • Find the joy of meditating with sound and bathe in vibrant stillness and silence after sound to discover a simple, powerful, tool you can use every day to manage and change your state.

Come and use the power of your voice vibration to explore the thoughts and feelings that your body is holding and hiding. Once these holdings are recognised, you can release them to understand what it is that restricts your self-expression at times and to accept and expand your voice.

Spend three days in the beautiful East Sussex countryside, exploring, expanding, freeing and accepting your voice through a combination of sounding, sonic meditation, and coaching.

You will be part of a small group, with a maximum of 5 attendees, supporting each other through the powerful shifts of voice and mindset as you recognise and release the restrictions around your voice.  See full retreat outline here

“Everything that happens with Judith is just so magical. I came because I had a lot of things from my past stopping me from moving forward. The sounding opened up my eyes to the ways I behave, I got more than I bargained for! I’m going to come I’m going to come on another one and do many more things with Judith, because she is such an amazing woman. I want to really thank her from the bottom of my heart. ” (Wendy C)

We’ll be exploring the dark and light of your voice – the things and feelings you both express and avoid.  Allow yourself to connect to your ability to feel those things which have been kept hidden, to play with sound to release your rubbish and move forward in life, and explore the possibility of expressing yourself with ease.

“Judith’s patience, dedication and mastery of her work creates a tranformative environment.
I would most certainly recommend the retreat and working with Judith in any capacity.” (Soheyl Moshki)

When you leave, you will have more confidence in using your physical voice, more acceptance of how you sound, and an ability to place your voice where you want your intention to be.  You will have a raised awareness of where you may restrict yourself when speaking, and have released some subconscious blocks around self-expression, feeling lighter and more free to express yourself.

Spaces start at ONLY £550 (if two people share the room ‘Dream’)
Includes accommodation, all meals, sound sessions, meditation crystals and CD
Booking Details Here

Join us for daily sound healing, sonic meditation, coaching, journaling, crystal energy connection, country walks and  quiet reflection time…  You also have the option to join the daily morning silent walk as we walk the cottage dog.   We will make a couple of trips to surrounding areas and have the village church to ourselves to make the use of its beautiful acoustic for a spectacular sounding.

The retreat starts at 7:30pm Thursday (arrival from 5pm) and ends at 12pm Midday on Sunday.

Note: if you’re allergic to cats or dogs then the retreat at this venue may not be for you, there is a friendly little dog and a cat.   (If you would like to hear of future retreats that may be animal-free email me if you are interested.)

Layout for Sonic Meditation Chakra Crystals, Candles and Chimes
EVENT OVERVIEW: some elements are to be confirmed and may be weather dependant.

Thursday 20th October –  Arrival from 5pm – Welcome supper at 7:30 followed by an introductory sonic meditation

Friday –  Exploring Your Voice Vibration Light & Dark

  • Exploring the chakra sounds & how they make you feel.  Exploration, awareness, journaling, sharing.
  • Lunch.
  • Trip to Littlington crystal shop & walk to Long Man of Wilmington & grounding sounding
  • Return to cottage for quiet/ absorption time or private session with Judith (can be booked as extra)
  • Evening: Supper & share
  • Preparation sounding

Saturday – Releasing Rubbish & Expressing Emotions

  • Exploring emotions through sound & voice.  Clearing, awareness, coaching & sharing
  • Lunch.
  • Sea sounding connection at the beach – Wash away the debris & get back in flow.  Swim if you’re feeling brave!
  • Return to cottage for quiet/ absorption time or private session with Judith (can be booked as extra)
  • Early evening walk (or drive if raining) to local church for higher self connection sounding
  • Evening: Walk to Pub Supper

Sunday 23rd October – Intention and Completion

  • Weekend sharing
  • 1-2-1 Personal feedback & expression reflection from Judith
  • Onward intention setting
  • Full & free sounding
“This has turned out to be a transformational weekend.  I’m going back home feeling more confident about who I am, and feel inspired and motivated to take my message and the work that I’m doing to a new level.  I’m really excited about where the future will take me.” (Daniel Wood)

Want to come? First, book your confirmation call with Judith to make sure it’s right for you. Book your call here

The morning sounding sessions are where the core of the work will happen.  I will guide you in toning specific sounds to resonate with each of the energy centres (chakras) of your body, connecting your voice to any physical tension you may have, and how your voice relates to your emotional self.

As you play with your own sounds I will stimulate your subconscious with connections to consider spoken over your toning.

This is the space where you recognise and release both the joy and restrictions that you carry in your subconscious brain and your body’s cell memory.  When the sounding ends there is always time to allow the silence for reflection and journaling of what arose for you, followed by the opportunity to share your observations with the group.  We then fill the space you’ve created with sound and a higher vibration intention as we explore the focus for you.

The afternoons:  After your sound and voice exploration, we break for home-made lunch and then gently move in to the afternoon activity of a trip to the South Downs on Friday and to sound at a quiet beach on Saturday.  These trips are to enhance the awareness’s of the morning.

Relaxation time is included in the afternoons and evenings of the retreat.
Limited 1-2-1 sessions with Judith are available as an added VIP upgrade if you would like. Please enquire before the event.

Evenings: After our evening meal feel free to retire to your room or relax by the wood burning stove

All meals will largely be prepared by Judith, but she may ask for the assistance of one person and they will be collaborative in the bringing together and clearing away (ie laying the table & loading the dishwasher!)

“I had no expectations ~ so I was surprised at the physical releases as I always have been more mental, emotional facing, so I am feeling shocked at the release and shift.  I feel more confident about myself and ‘I can do this’. Thank you. xx”  (Carolyn S)

Retreat Country Cottage venue
Sleeping Options & Cost
You will share either a room, or a bathroom. The prices below are what you pay for the whole retreat, including accommodation, all guided sounding and coaching sessions, and meals* from Thursday supper to Sunday breakfast.  The afternoon trips will require a car-share and anything you choose to buy there is not included.

ROOMS WILL BE ALLOCATED ONCE ALL SPACES ARE BOOKED – if you are part of a couple attending then your room will be confirmed as one of the doubles.  As as single attendee, you may indicate a preference and I will try to accommodate that, however, group logistics will denote room allocation.

‘Africa’ – A large twin room with en-suite bathroom and own decking area, garden space and entrance (see photo above)  £697 p/person

‘Dream’ – A standard double (additional single available if two friends want to share and Africa is full.)  Share cottage bathroom.  £844 double bed for one person.  Or £1100 for a couple or two friends sharing.

‘Bumblebee’ – A bright, single room. Share cottage bathroom. £697

PLEASE NOTE:  You may pay in full on the confirmation call (you must have this call before booking – book your call here) or secure your place with a deposit.  Payments must be made in full three weeks before the event, or on booking date if after then.  All deposits are non-refundable and are considered agreement to pay in full and attend the retreat.  Any questions book your confirmation call or email

As with all retreats and holidays having your own travel insurance is recommended.

*Meals are vegetarian, please let me know of any dietary requirements. Communal effort is requested.
The pub supper includes two courses of choice and one drink.

Testimonials are from both the retreat and sound and voice workshops on which the retreat exercises are based.

Getting Here
By Car:
The cottage is equidistant between Hastings and Eastbourne.  When you book road directions will be sent to you, but it is easy to access off the A21, A22 and A27

By Public Transport:
I will be able to collect you from either Polegate or Battle stations (trains from London Victoria, Cannon Streed, Charing Cross/Waterloo East/London Bridge as well as Brighton or Gatwick ) Station pick-up will have to be arranged when all spaces are confirmed.

 Limited availability – secure your space now

To arrange a quick, easy and free clarity call to decide what will best suit you as an individual, please click here.

Liberate Your Voice – 3-Day October Retreat


Breathe.  Give yourself a break. 3 Days Away!

Get right away from your daily responsibilities and distractions to focus 100% on reconnecting to, and expanding, your voice and your ability to express yourself.  Release past beliefs and create clarity for your next steps.

Prices are per person. Before booking, to make sure it’s right for you, have your clarity call with Judith.

Retreat runs from 7pm Thursday eve, to midday Sunday.