Monthly “Mine-My-Mind” Webinar and Q&A

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This monthly themed webinar and Q&A session is your opportunity to ask questions, get solutions and explore any element of my work that you are curious, unsure, or would like to know more about.

Whether you are intrigued by vocal confidence work, mindset/life-coaching, or voice-vibration and chakra sounding – or a combination of any or all – this is a space for you to have your questions answered.

The topic of the sessions will be led by the Theme of The Month from my membership group and will be a chance to ask any questions you have and even to experience some of how I work if you want to ‘hot seat’ a specific challenge that you have. 

Your Whole Voice is about YOU living YOUR whole LIFE without regrets, without fear of other people’s opinions, and without the effort of trying to live up to those expectations set in your mind (which I know is easier said than done.)  So come and get a taster of how you can set yourself free through this work.

Imagine if everyone knew how simple it can be to release emotional frustrations and baggage and connect to the energy of their best or higher self to create better, brighter, lighter, feelings, to manage emotions and change their state through the simplicity of sounding and the magic of the hum!

Imagine if everyone knew how to express themselves clearly, to share their knowledge, thoughts, ideas, to have that conversation they’ve been avoiding, to go for that job opportunity or speak about their business with confidence, to state their position or share their vulnerability,  to ask for what they want or need – without being connected to the bitterness, anger, defensiveness, resentment, blame, or fear, that comes from their ‘stuff’.   But instead they are connected to what lies under all that ‘stuff’ and can express themselves in a way to create a better situation connected to a higher-purpose end result.

What does this mean to you?
More self-confidence, yes, better jobs or businesses, yes, better personal and professional relationships, yes, less stress, yes, deeper self-awareness, hell yes .. and so much more

But if there were one word that would sum it up, the one word that gets repeated more than any other by my clients after they work with me is that they feel:


This is the core of my work. This is my passion and purpose.  This is what I do. Let me help you shine your light so that your life can feel lighter too.