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Come and “Mine-My-Mind” on this FREE Masterclass and Q&A: The topic of this session is “Speak About Yourself Positively With Confidence”

“I’m really good at what I do.” – How comfortable is it for you to say this?

So many people either find the thought of ‘bigging themselves up’ awkward or embarrassing, or they’re worried that others will think they’re arrogant, bragging, or showing-off – and that’s the kind of behaviour they hate in others…

…So they make themselves even smaller – and that means they’re even less likely to be acknowledged, seen, heard – and get the client, job or promotion.

Does any of that resonate with you?

I’ve been working in the Vocal Confidence arena since 2011 – and although I started with public speaking and presentation coaching, through the years I’ve noticed that the majority of my clients all have several things in common and not speaking about themselves with confidence is up there.

Whether you’re self-employed and looking for new clients or opportunities – or employed and looking for promotion, or a new job, – the ability to speak about yourself positively, with confidence, is not a ‘soft’ skill – it’s a vital one.

SO I’ve created a 90 minute FREE online mastermind to share some of my top tools for being able to improve this area (you’ll get some other key gems too.)

If you know this is something you could benefit from please simply click the link in the first comment and fill the registration form and I’ll see you on Wednesday 3rd July at 7pm (UK time)

What does this mean to you?
More self-confidence, yes, better jobs or businesses, yes, better personal and professional relationships, yes, less stress, yes, deeper self-awareness, hell yes .. and so much more

But if there were three words that would sum it up, the ones that get repeated more than any other by my clients after they work with me is that they feel:


This is the core of my work. This is my passion and purpose.  This is what I do. Let me help you shine your light so that your life can feel lighter too.