Online Sound & Energy Healing. Higher-Self & Light Council Connection.

Discover the power of sound healing and sonic meditation or try a Higher-Self and Light Council Connection session.

If you don’t know what sound healing is, or how it would work for you, or your sceptical as to whether it really works online, feel free to join me for a 20 minute taster session.

Then when you know how it works, book your regular 45 minute Online Sound & Energy Healing or Sonic Meditation sessions with me.  All sessions are around 45mins depending on how much sound is required (please be aware they may take a little over or under). Once purchased, you will receive a link via email to book your sessions.

Want a course of sounding like you’d book a course of massage sessions? You can purchase multiple sessions at a discounted price.

How does sound heal?

A very basic description of how sound works as a healing practice is this:

All matter vibrates, everything has a resonant frequency, so when we sound, every single one of our cells responds physically, changing their vibration, releasing and transmuting its energy.

If you think about how a voice can shatter a crystal glass or how sound travels through water, and that our bodies are made of over 80% water…. imagine sound travelling through you and the effect it has on your internal muscles, helping release the tension they are holding on to that you don’t even know is there.

Online Sound Healing Pricing

20 minute taster £22.50
1 x session  £60
3 sessions  £170
6 sessions £330

Higher-Self and Light Council Connection Session.
In this one-off 90 minute session I take you on a meditative journey to connect with your higher-self ‘light council’.

What is your ‘higher-self’ and who are your ‘light council’?
Your higher self is the pure energy of  who you really are.  It is the pure essence, spirit, soul (call it what you will) the pure light energy that you were conceived with, untainted by the human experiences that hold you back or cause you pain.   This version of you still exists, and it’s important to know the energy s/he carries so that you can live life closer to the energy of who you know you want to be, and make choices from the energy of your higher self, rather than stuck in the challenges, fears, and blocks that stop you from being all you can be.

Your light council is made up of multiple, select energies that are always there to support you.   This is a phrase that a friend and fellow sound healer used in a session I was having with her and I love it.  Your light council will be made up of a combination of spirit energy, angels, ancestors, spirit animal, ascended masters, family, elementals, past lives, spirit guides, or maybe even alien energy.  Most people seem to have between 6 – 10 members of light on their council.  Other energies come and go and can be called in, but your light council are always there to be called upon and support your higher self to help your human self listen to your intuition and guide you when you ask.

I created this meditation to help you connect to those energies – to create a deeper connection to the essence of who you are in your highest vibration and so you feel more aware of what energies you are calling on when you are looking for guidance from ‘on high’.

Light Council Connection Session

This is a one-off session to connect with your light council
1 x 90 minute sessions  £197


•  book your first session after payment, then use the link provided in the confirmation email to book your remaining sessions at your convenience  •

Online Sound & Energy Healing. Higher-Self & Light Council Connection.


Discover how sound healing can work at a distance.  Try a 20 minute Taster Session, then have the option of purchasing individual 45 minute, or multiple Online Sound & Energy sessions at a discounted price. Please book your first session using the interactive calendar.