Seven Simple Sounds Online Course

Seven Simple Sounds Seven Week Group Online Course

Over the course of this seven weeks you get the opportunity to delve deep in to each of the chakra sounds, emotional energies, essential oils, colour, and crystal connections.  As you create sounding as part of your daily practice, you will have a direct, effective, and simple way to manage emotions, deal with stresses, and release what has been going on for you:

  • Recognise where you have mental, physical, emotional, or energetic blocks that are stopping you from moving forward in life
  • Reduce those blocks, so that you feel lighter and more in control of your life
  • Release yourself from the bounds of your past and your old patterns and beliefs, so that you can be fully who you want to be.
  • Gain clarity about what next steps you want to take in your personal or professional life
  • Become more confident expressing yourself – no matter the situation
  • Feel lighter, no longer weighed down by thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that have become so much a part of you, you didn’t even know were there, let alone how much they have been holding you back

Over this fully supported online course you get to explore all the qualities, delights and challenges of each chakra in your own time over the course of a week, going as gently or as deep as you wish.

As this is a LIVE online course, rather than a self-study, you have direct access to Judith twice a week so that you are not going through this alone.  Any questions or challenges can be explored, and with the interactive group nature of this course, you also have the full support of others going through similar experiences.

On top of this, you also receive a 45 minute private session with Judith to be taken during the course so that you can receive personal support with whatever comes up for you that you may not want to share in the group.  You also receive a 30 minute session with Judith to be taken in the fortnight after the course to support you with integrating the practice in to your life and anything that might have come up for you as a result of the course ending.


  • Live weekly call to start you off each week to explore a different focus area and chakra.  Allow 90 minutes in your diary for this live call with Judith in an online zoom room.  This call delves in to the elements of the energy and elements to focus on as you sound this week. Share experiences and support each other.  Duration 60-90 minutes depending on shares.
  • Mid-week Q&A check-in on a Wednesday to share experiences or ask questions with Judith, live, in the Zoom room. Allow 60 mins
  • A 45 minute 1-2-1 support call with Judith to be taken at any point through the course
  • A 30 minute 1-2-1 support call with Judith to be taken the second week after the course
  • Weekly crystal healing support PDF and video from crystal healing expert Jeni Powell of Crystal Balance
  • Weekly essential oil support PDF and video from aromatherapist and EAM mentor Jo Tocher of Light After Loss
  • Extra information from both Jo & Jeni who will each join us for a live Wednesday Q&A session to share their vast knowledge.
  • Private FB group where you can share any experiences, challenges and celebrations as well as give and receive support.
  • Inspiration email each day when there’s no live interaction
    Also includes:
  • Digital download of each live session so that you have the chakra meditations
  • Digital download version of the chakra energy reminder memes to carry with you everywhere
  • MP3 version of Sound & Silence CD.

The next course will be running for seven full weeks in the autumn of 2020 – contact me to register your interest

LIVE elements with Judith are:
Weekly Sunday sessions to introduce the next chakra
Weekly Wednesday Q&A sessions in our group to give you support
One 45 minute 1-2-1 session for you during the course
One 30 minute 1-2-1 session for you after the course

EXTRA elements include as much support as you give and receive in the private group, all the digital downloads, and expert Q&A sessions.

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Please Note:
In order to keep confidentiality within the group and to acknowledge awareness of the potential effects of this work, you will be asked to sign an agreement form to participate in the online event.  The nature of this work is such that you are highly likely to be re-visiting or unleashing past experiences and emotions that you have either forgotten, suppressed, or thought you’ve dealt with but are still lying in your subconscious or cell memory.  If you have experienced mental, physical, or emotional stress or trauma please be aware that sound is a powerful way to release these energies and be prepared to manage them as they arise.  If you have any questions please contact Judith before booking your space.

If you wish to register for this programme with me directly and find out more about how we will create a bespoke experience to fit you, please use the button below to arrange a free 30 minute clarity call with me.


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Seven Simple Sounds Online Course


Powerful seven week fully supported online event to release the rubbish, step forward in life, and find your more confident voice.

This live, in-person, online course takes you on a journey of your voice vibration and how it connects to, influences, and releases the energetic and emotional energies that hold you back in life.  Explore and accept your voice. Release your rubbish. Raise your vibration.

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