Free Solstice Sounding

It's free...

Sound has been used for millennia as a healing tool: chanting, singing (hymns), drumming, music, all being used to change human state of consciousness which, in turn, effects our emotional and physical state of being. We still do this – see the energetic change of an audience at a concert – whether classical, hip-hop, pop, or rock – the energy change happens en-masse.

Join Judith for a special FREE voice-vibration sonic meditation on the Winter Solstice.

Run on Zoom and starting at 6:30pm (GMT) – the moment of actual solstice is 21:47 if you want to know.   This sounding and meditation will last about 45minutes as we sound with the intention of embracing the dark and shining the light.

Please note, this is Sounding – NOT SINGING – there are no right or wrong notes, just the energy that you feel and where your voice is in the moment, if you don’t feel comfortable sounding you may be there to be a part of the energy setting the intention to send the sound out to the world.

No previous sonic meditation experience is necessary as Judith will guide you through breath & body connection, then gently opening up your voice through finding your heart vibration through humming, and finally in to the open sounds.  We will play with our voices and explore the energies of darkness and light through sound until the group finds itself resting in silence, where we will remain for at least 5 minutes – allowing the resonance of sound to flow through the sound circle and out to the world.    It is in this moment of both holding and releasing the sound through silence that you will also receive your own sense of peace, clarity, and open to both give and receive love.

Want to join us? click the event link to register and I’ll send you the zoom link by return.

For more information on how one-on-one sounding meditation coaching can empower you, please visit the Your Whole Sound page.

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