Introduction to Sonic Meditation MP3


Do You:
Want to breathe easier?
Want an easy way in to meditation?
Want to be able to change your energetic or emotional state?
Want to be able to sit in silence & stillness with ease?
Want more awareness of where and how your body restricts your voice?

Start exploring a new way of meditation and self-awareness through this introduction to how I work with breath, body and voice vibration.  A great tool for meditation, and an introduction to sound healing and feeling more confident using your voice.

Practice daily to start feeling more comfortable with meditation, more connected to, and confident in, your voice and being able to change your state.


“Loving the exercises. As a singer and actor I’ve been taught these things but when nerves kick in they go out the window. So helpful, it makes me connect to the breath so much more and it’s nice to go back to the deep breaths again afterwards!”
Rebecca Lindley, Actress

“I loved doing it – gave me a real sense of freedom with my voice.”
Carol May

“I found the breathing started to release tension in the body, the more I did the more relaxed I felt but also noticed it not how I normally take a breath”
John Moody.

Introduction to Sonic Meditation MP3


The basics you need to explore voice-vibration sonic meditation.  In this introduction I guide you through the simple steps of breath and body connection, to the basic chakra sounds of your voice-vibration.

If you find meditation challenging. If you are intrigued by the concept of sound as a healing tool. If you’d like more awareness of where your body and breath affect your voice and become more comfortable and confident both hearing and using your voice.

This is for you.