Sound & Silence CD

If you find silent meditation challenging, this CD guides you through the steps to exploring voice-vibration sonic meditation and offers 5, 10, and 15 minute meditations which you can listen to individually or together.  It also includes tracks of timed silence to help you breathe in peace at the end.

Take time to explore the joy of sound and how it can help you find easy silence.

Sound & Silence CD


From 5 – 60 minutes. A simple, effective and quick way-in to meditation. 

Whether you are an experienced meditator looking to enhance your practice, have previously found meditation challenging, or are looking to give it a go – sound is a great way to both meditate in itself, and as a way to find comfort in being in silence (once you have finished sounding.)

Let me guide you through breath and body connection, in to humming your vibration and meditation exploring the power of your voice and voice-vibration sonic meditation.