Sounding Yoga Workshop

Sound and Yoga WorkshopPerson in meditation pose with Chakra lights and Sound energy stars“I loved how I went much deeper with each yoga pose as I sounded”

How do sound and yoga work together?

Like this: As you sound, so you take your mind off the stretch of the pose, with the sound and pose both working on the same chakra, it opens up your energy to allow the pose, rather than force it. 
At the same time, because you are focused on the pose, you are less self-concious about exploring your sound.  Yoga is an holistic practice – not just a physical one – so by using breath to create sound, you enhance your whole body, mind, self.

Open To All Levels of Experience: Come and find out for yourself.

Donations from £10

Monday 9th November
19:00 – 20:30 (UK time)


Join me, and the fabulous Aideen Schweppe of Beautiful Life Yoga, for a great way to release your tension.  I will open the session with breathwork and gentle sound then hand over to Aideen who will take us through a chakra-focused yoga practice.  As we start each chakra’s yoga practice, I’ll introduce the sound to use for that energy centre.  Sound as much or as gently as you like, but see how it enhances your practice.

At the end of the session I’ll guide you in to open sounding to release and rest in the vibration of the combined experience.

This 90 minute session combines yoga with Voice-Vibration Sound Healing
Explore how how breath and sound can enhance your practice
Discover how sound can impact your mood and mindset, energy and body.


Aideen is the yoga teacher who I run the seven day sound healing retreat with in Ireland – we will be going ‘on tour’ in both the UK and Ireland when we’re all allowed out to play again.  But for now we’ll be running this one online.  She loves the way sound has enhanced both her personal practice and been incorporated in to her teaching and we are sharing that with you here.

Open ‘Hah’ Heart Chakra


Do I need to have done the sound work before?
No.  I guide you through each sound and you are on mute so you can sound as lightly or as deeply as you like.

Do I have have done yoga before?
No.  Aideen adapts each pose to your ability.

I have physical restrictions, can I still do it?
Yes, please let us know where you have restrictions and Aideen will give you alternatives. If in doubt you can also do more sound on those moves.

Where is the venue?
Online – we will send you the link 2hrs before the practice starts.

How do I get there?
Click the link we’ll send you beforehand and put in the password!

       What do I need to bring?
       Yourself and a yoga mat or space to practice, and anything you like to practice with.

What’s the refund policy?
No refunds but you can transfer to a friend.

Do I have to pay online?
Yes please – the day before the event.  We are offering this class as a donation.

Is my registration fee or ticket transferable?
Yes you can transfer it to a friend.

Is the venue accessible?
As accessible as your own home …:-)

Sound is a powerful healing tool, do not be surprised if you have an emotional response to making sound, it is nothing unusual.


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Sounding Yoga Workshop


Come and explore your breath, body, voice connection and how sound can enhance silence for meditation.  Bring water and yourself!

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