The Sounds of Your Soul

What is the Sound of Your Soul?
How is your human self holding it back?

Join me for a day of Summer Sounding

Open your voice-vibration to use sound for energetic healing,
emotional release, enhanced intuition and spiritual soul connection.

Take a day to delve in to how your soul’s sound heals, restores and releases.
Come and explore the seven chakra sounds, their colours, energies and emotional connections.

An introduction for those who are new to the work
An enriching and soul-soothing top-up for those who already embrace sonic vibration

In the studio we will spend time connecting to your higher self, exploring what you’re holding in each of your chakras through  sounding, silence and journaling to bring stillness and awareness.

Each chakra will be supported by the crystal bowls.

As you sound your voice and feel your vibration so you will sound your soul’s delight into each chakra.

With a clear focus on the energies of each sound, you will release some of what you no longer need to hold on to so that you can raise your vibration and shift your energy – expanding your consciousness in relation to living your soul’s sound vibration in:

  • Your physical self
  • Your mental self
  • Your emotional self
  • Your spiritual self
  • Your relationships with others
  • Your relationship with your voice
  • Your relationship to your body
  • Your relationship to life

We will end with an intuitive ‘open sounding’ sonic meditation all our soul’s delights together to really free the voice and feel the energetic, spiritual, physical vibrations and connection.

Culminating in the room coming back to breath we will all float in the silence and stillness of the sonic ‘pool’ allowing release, ease and space to receive.

An impactful and inspiring day whether you are already aware of the power of sounding, sound healing and sonic meditation, or if you have never explored the hidden depths of your voice before.

We will also be sounding with the support of these lovely sounds….

Bowls-me-web - Your Whole Voice
Results experienced by those who have been before include:

  • Personal energetic/emotional healing 
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Enhanced openness to receive intuition
  • Enhanced connection to spiritual self
  • Release / Reduced physical and/or emotional pain
  • Recognition of what it is you want or need from others/in life
  • Increased levels of self-confidence
  • Improved relationship with your voice
  • A sense of feeling lighter, uplifted, release, at ease, inspired.

Please Note:
In order to keep confidentiality within the group and to acknowledge awareness of the potential effects of this work, you will be asked to sign an agreement form to participate in the event.

The nature of this work is such that even though this is an introduction and we are not going to the full depths, you are still likely to be re-visiting or unleashing past experiences, thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you have either forgotten, suppressed, or thought you’ve dealt with but are still lying in your subconscious or cell memory.

If you have experienced mental, physical, or emotional stress or trauma please be aware that sound is a powerful way to release these energies and be prepared to manage them as they arise.

If you have any questions please contact Judith before booking your space.

Refund Policy
Please be aware that no refunds are available as this is a date-specific event.
Tickets are not date transferable.
Tickets may be transferred to another person.
IF for any reason the organiser has to cancel the event you may transfer, or request a refund.

Dates & Locations:
Saturday 24th August 11am – 4pm

Living Space, 1 Coral Street, London SE1 7BE
(For Directions Click here )

Transport: Waterloo Station – 7 min walk

 Limited availability – Maximum of 12 People
Purchase your ticket now and confirm your booking once complete.

I’m wary of feeling emotional in front of a group of strangers – is this likely?
Honestly – yes. Sounding can touch the deepest of emotions that we don’t even know we’re holding – BUT – you can also hold the intention for connecting to and creating more of the things you WANT to feel.  That is the power of sound!  Be open to feeling and releasing your gunk as well as receiving your glory.

I’ve not experienced sounding before, is this for me? Yes, you are more than welcome.  This is a ‘light’ version of the way I use the sounds in the retreats and my 1-2-1 work.  You do need to know that sound does have a way of going to the heart of anything that is ready to release so even though the intention is ‘light’ I don’t know what you’re holding that may want to make itself known.  As long as you are open to energy work and connecting to your subconscious and spiritual self then I’m delighted to introduce you to sounding.

I am not a singer, and don’t really like my voice, is this for me? Sounding is NOT singing.  This is NOT about right or wrong notes, but about exploring the energies and emotions that your voice connects to.  You might be out of your comfort zone but one of my core skills is holding space for people so that they feel safe to do the work. Those who come to my workshops often feel the same and the support you get from each other is key too.  You don’t have to make loud sounds – and if the HUM is where you’re comfortable you can stay there if you need to.

Is the venue accessible? Yes. And being close to Waterloo station there are all sorts of transport options too.

Refunds & Transfers. Please be aware that no pre-event refunds are available.  All tickets may be transferred to another person if you can’t make it.  If for any reason the event is completely cancelled you will be offered a 1-2-1 session with Judith to the value of your ticket.

To arrange a quick, easy and free clarity call to decide what will best suit you as an individual, please click here.

The Sounds of Your Soul


A chance to sound your soul’s delight through the seven simple sounds that are the basis of all the Whole Voice-Vibration™ sound healing and sonic meditation work that I do including the Retreats and 7-Week Live Online Course

This workshop takes you in to a journey of your voice vibration and how it connects to, influences, and releases the energetic and emotional energies that hold you back and raise you up in life.  Explore and accept your voice. Release your rubbish. Raise your vibration.

Please be aware that no refunds are available after 14days from purchase.  Only full price tickets are date transferable, but all tickets may be transferred to another person.