Sound Your Voice Oracle/Inspiration Cards

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Why Oracle Cards?

These cards are a first step to exploring your true voice-vibration.   They have been created to introduce you to the power of finding and freeing your true, whole, voice. When you become more comfortable hearing your own voice, when you are more able to express yourself with clarity, confidence, and conviction, you can liberate your life and step powerfully in to your future.

Come to these cards if your energy is stuck and you need to shake things up for yourself, for practical actions when you are feeling lost for words, if you don’t know what you need in order to be able to express yourself in a specific situation, or if you would just like a bit of guidance for the day.

The healing inspiration comes from recognition of the mental, physical, or emotional energy that you hold on to from the past. Those energies often restrict your confidence in using your voice, speaking up for yourself, or expressing your thoughts, ideas, opinions or feelings.

Each card has a specific sound or action for you to practice, described in the booklet, so that you can release your rubbish, raise your vibration and start to liberate your voice to liberate your life.

How Do You Use Them?

The Sound Your Voice cards are best used as a ‘single pull’ deck.

Find a quiet space where you feel comfortable making sound out loud, where you won’t be disturbed, and can move if you need to. Allow yourself 5-10 minutes with the deck in order to pull the card, absorb its message, complete the action, and feel the shift in energy.

With a question in mind shuffle the cards, you might simply ask “What do I need today?” or you could ask a specific question around what it is you need to do in order to have a specific conversation, what is getting in your way of expressing yourself, or how to change your energy state.

To choose your card you can either shuffle until a card jumps out at you, that is the one you need; or you can shuffle until you feel the urge to stop, spread them in front of you and with your left hand (it’s closest to your heart) hover over the cards and pick the one that you land on. When you have pulled your card, follow its instructions for making sound.

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What Do You Use Them For?

Meditation: You may choose to stare at the image and the trigger words and meditate on what it brings up for you .. connect to your intuition and take what you need for yourself.

Inspiration: To give your day a lift, or a little motivation, sometimes it’s useful to be given direction by someone or something.  Pick a card, read the instructions in the booklet, make the sound, do the action and come back to it throughout the day.

Vocal Confidence: If you are reticent to share your voice in any way, shape, form, or situation – these cards will help you explore and become more comfortable because you are using your voice, you get more used to hearing yourself and therefore more accepting of how you sound.  Physically, if you use the cards regularly, because you are exploring and regularly using your voice the muscles involved will improve and your voice expand in range, tone, resonance, and volume.  This leads to more confidence in sharing your voice in any capacity, whether singing or speaking, in public or with friends and family.

Connection: Most people are disconnected from their own voice.  There is a high likelihood that your voice is not fully connected to your body – so by using these cards you will gradually, day-by-day, create a better connection to yourself, to your voice, to your self-awareness and by this – a better connection to others.

Fun: Sometimes it’s good just to play with sound to do something that possibly stretches you out of your comfort zone and may feel a bit silly, but if you’re doing it on your own and that also makes you laugh …. well …. laughter is one of the best ways to release your voice and raise your vibration – so go for it! Play, have fun, enjoy yourself.

Sound Your Voice Oracle/Inspiration Cards


A beautiful deck of oracle cards for daily inspiration. With unique artwork by Amy Bird, use these cards to explore your voice and find a bit of daily direction.

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