Introduction to Sounding. Self-Study Online Course

“I learnt how sounding makes you more vocally confident. Goodbye to playing small and hiding.”
2.5hrs of video in bite-sized 5-18 minute lessons
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“It’s fun to play and explore even just a few minutes day can make a huge difference. This course will help with the resistance that I have about showing up in the world, become more confident and release the blocks that no longer serve my highest good.”  (Clare Fitzgerald)
“I knew nothing about sounding and now I see that it shares many aspects with meditation of many kinds. I think it’s really useful for harnessing intention and self awareness. Using my voice in this way does open a feeling of vulnerability, so that’s a really valuable lesson.” (Chris D)

“Really fascinating course about how sound can be used as a healing modality plus lots more! It has helped me to remove blockages, and adds another element to my healing practice and meditation.” (Marcia Tillman)

Introduction to Sounding. Self-Study Online Course


A comprehensive introduction to voice-vibration sound healing and meditation for you to study and practice at your own pace, in your own space.

“A beautiful healing and empowering online course that really works. Helps to release old past wounding, become more confident in speaking and finding your soul voice.” (CF)

“A fully comprehensive and user-friendly introduction to sound healing with practical exercises.” (EB)