Sounds Like Self-Love – 7-Day Retreat – Barbados!

“Should I Stay Or Should I Go? …. Is it ‘Yes’ or is it ‘No’?”

A 7-Day Transformational Women’s Retreat in Barbados
With Monica Douglas of Wild Heart Wisdom and Judith Quin of Your Whole Voice

9-16th November 2024
        Sea Symphony Villa, Saint Lucy, Barbados
A Maximum Of  8 Spaces For Personal Attention
INCLUDES the 6 month “Sounds Like Self-Love” Support Container 
Pre-Retreat Monthly Support Sessions


  • Are you a woman at a crossroads, impasse, or in transition – and feeling a little lost or undecided?
  • Do you know that you want to make a change, or has life put a change upon you?
  • Are you both strong, successful and decisive, and also feel conflicted, burdened and pulled in several directions?
  • Do you feel like you’re torn between staying who you’ve always been and embracing the person you were destined to become?
What is ‘Self-Love’?

We believe that the strongest reflection of self-love is in the ability to make choices and live life from a place where you listen to your body, heart and soul, trusting your spiritual intuition and physical senses.  When you act from self-love you have the clarity, capacity and conviction to take action from the place where your deepest truth and higher purpose meet.

This life often trains out of us this ability to listen to our higher, true, authentic self.  Life presents us with rewards for doing what is ‘expected’ ‘right’ or ‘normal’.  We question ourselves. We feel like we don’t know. We listen to others, to society, to fear.  We beat ourselves up rather than listen to our heart and soul.  So then we feel stuck.

Self-love is the way back from stuck-ness and feeling lost.
Self-love is the way to clarity and choice.
Self-love is knowing if something is a ‘yes’ for you – or a ‘no’ – and feeling able to follow that pull and express what you need.


  • You know that something needs to change, but you aren’t sure what.
  • Your expectations of life have changed or been changed for you. 
  • Your horizons have shifted, but you can’t clearly see the path you want to take.
  • You carry within you the obligations of your past, family, or career and feel they’re holding you back.
  • Despite everything you have and are grateful for, somehow you feel not quite fulfilled.
  • You think you know what you need to do – what you’d love to do – but there’s a hesitation.
Welcome to “Sounds Like Self-Love.”
A captivating women’s retreat nestled in the tropical paradise of Barbados.
Making Choices For Life.

“The biggest thing I’m taking away is learning how to take the pressure off myself, stop apologising and stop giving myself such a hard time. 
If I’d known how much I’d get from this retreat
I would have paid three times more.
Christine Wright (The Habit Breaker, UK)


We invite you to embark on a powerful journey of self-discovery, spiritual expansion, and unwavering self-love.  We promise to nurture, support and guide you to find clarity, direction and purpose for the choices you need to make for the next stage of your life. 

It’s time to honour your own desires, dreams, and yearnings. It’s time to reclaim your identity and rewrite your future.

Results experienced by those who have been on retreat with Judith & Monica before include:

  • Getting clarity and making important business, career, or life choices
  • Improved personal and professional relationships
  • Having courageous conversations to reduce stress
  • Healing personal relationships to increase ease
  • Increased levels of self-worth and self-confidence to live the life you want – not what other people expect of you. 
  • Being able to ask for what you want or need – without guilt or apology
  • Being more confident and finding the words to talk about who you are and/or what you do
  • Saying ‘No.’
  • New clients!

Embrace Your Authentic Self:

This retreat is tailor-made for radiant women who are ready to embark on a transformative journey of deep self-awareness, and self-love. Together, we will navigate the realms of spirituality, unravel the complexities of relationships, and redefine the boundaries of your own existence.

Unlock the Power of Self-Love:

At the core of our retreat lies the profound belief that self-love is the foundation for a fulfilled and joyful life. By embracing the fullness of who you are, you will discover the courage to make choices that align with your highest self. It’s time to liberate yourself from the shackles of external expectations and embrace the magnificent woman you’ve always been.

A Safe Haven for Transformation:

Join us in an intimate and empowering space where you can delve deep into your soul, free from judgement or limitations. Our experienced facilitators will guide you through powerful workshops, soul-nourishing practices, and transformative exercises. You’ll recognize and release the outdated labels and identities that no longer serve you, making space for your authentic self to shine.

Love, Liberation, and New Beginnings:

Whether you’re yearning for a harmonious relationship, a more fulfilling career, or a renewed sense of purpose, our retreat will provide the tools and insights you need to manifest the life of your dreams. You’ll learn how to love yourself unconditionally while nurturing compassion for those around you who may not be on the same path.

Take the Leap:

You have the power to choose your own destiny. Step into your innate courage, elevate your vibration, and make decisions from a place of clarity and compassion. “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” will empower you to create the life, business, work, and relationships that truly align with your heart’s desires.

Invest in Yourself:

This retreat offers a seven-day immersion in self-discovery and empowerment. Imagine the possibilities when you grant yourself this extended period of self-love and exploration.

It also includes up to 12 months of ongoing support from both Judith & Monica in our Sounds Like Self-Love Sisterhood.

Join Us in Barbados:

Escape to the sun-kissed shores of Barbados, where the turquoise waters and gentle breezes will rejuvenate your spirit. Our carefully selected retreat venue provides a nurturing and tranquil sanctuary for your transformative journey.

Release the Old, Embrace the New:

It’s time to shed the weight of societal expectations, release the limitations you’ve placed upon yourself, and step into the radiant, confident, and authentic woman you were always meant to be.

Are you in?
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One of our sheltered outdoor spaces for
relaxation & meals made by our private chef.
“I chose to attend this retreat to gain more clarity around how to expand both my business. I succeeded in fulfilling this goal and have returned a far more peaceful and focused version of myself. Truly some of the most powerful healing work I have experienced.
Faye Bishop (Actress & Healer, UK – Judith’s 7 Day Sound Healing Retreat)

Register Today:

Space is limited, as we believe in maintaining an intimate and personalised experience. Secure your place in this life-changing retreat by speaking to Judith or Monica to confirm that this is a match for you. 

The time for self-love, expansion, and conscious decision-making is now. 

Join us in Barbados for “Sounds Like Self Love” and ignite the flame of your true potential. Embrace the woman you were born to be.

Give less of a “you know what” about what others think. It’s time to reclaim your power and chart your own extraordinary path forward.

If you feel this is the right retreat for you, book your confirmation call with Judith now.  Book My Call

Join Us & Also Receive This Support

Sounds Like Self Love Sisterhood (Open to a Max of 18 members) – A loving community of sisters supporting you to take the leap you know you need to make.

  • March – The Knowing 
  • April – Releasing Resistance
  • May – Listening
  • June – Speaking

2 hours of Laser Coaching/Energy Release Credits with Monica and Judith

Sept – Relationship to the Masculine (root) 

Oct – Relationship to the Feminine (sacral)

Nov – LIVE session from the Retreat Relationship to SELF/Identity (solar plexus)

Dec – Relationship to Love/Compassion & Where Blame/Guilt are held (heart)

Jan – Relationship to Self Expression (throat)

Feb – Connection to Choices Made from Insight (3rd Eye) and Fulfilling the purpose (crown)

Closing Crowning Ceremony


Nov – 1 Week Retreat – Sounds Like Self Love  Retreat – Max 8 people-

£4444 (£1111 non refundable deposit) 10 instalments of £333


Pay in full Early Bird £3333 includes £1111 non refundable deposit


Instalment Payment Early Bird of £3888 (with deposit under £1000)

Please also ensure that you have travel insurance to cover cancellation and other unforeseen events.

Price above does not include flights or transfers.  (Estimated return flights from UK at time of publishing around £500)

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Testimonials from previous retreats
“The seven day sound healing retreat is amazing.  It’s intense, but as much as it is intense, it’s also gentle because Judith holds amazing space.
I can’t recommend it enough really.”
Shane Moore (Physical Therapist, Canada)

Imagine having meals and chat around this table
served by our own private chef!
To find out more … keep reading

When you leave the retreat you will have a deeper connection to who you really are and a stronger awareness of your spiritual or ‘higher’ self’s essence and purpose.  You will release some of the subconscious blocks that hold you back in life (labels, identities and beliefs) free from shackles of your past, feel lighter about life, and be more able to trust yourself and express yourself with more confidence.

You will be fully supported by Monica and me through the retreat  If you don’t know me:

I’m Judith Quin, international speaker, bestselling author, award-winning coach, vocal confidence and communication specialist and voice-vibration sound healer.  My work has been featured in various media including BBC Radio, The Daily Telegraph, UK Health Radio, Soul & Spirit and Stylist Magazines.  On this retreat I facilitate the sessions and hold the space energetically, so that you are free to explore knowing that you are held safe and secure.

Recognition Creates Release.
Let go of old perceptions, patterns of thought and beliefs, and start to relate to yourself and others in a whole different way.  


  • Get right away from your day-to-day life and have some ‘you’ time
  • Raise your vibration with a deeper understanding of who you are, physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually so that you can…
  • Recognise what gets in the way of fully expressing yourself
  • Make choices about what you want to do next in life, free from the opinions of others
  • Find new ways to ask for what you want, or speak to, or in front of, others with more confidence, courage and clarity.
  • Release the heaviness of past experiences, or emotional baggage, so that you feel lighter and life feels easier
  • Understand the connection between your brain, body, & voice and how it impacts yourself and others
Leave the past behind as you leave the retreat feeling able to move forward, step in to who you really are today, feeling able to fully express yourself with more confidence and embrace life as the whole of who you truly are.

“I now understand what is going on inside me and am able to speak up for myself.
I feel stronger, have more conviction. That’s what I’m taking out of the retreat – I’m stronger, and I have a stronger message for my business too.

If you’re thinking of going – Just do it!”
Brigitte Kean (The Laughter Liberator, USA)
If you are ready for this, book your confirmation call with Judith
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If you want to learn more about how we work and the retreat outline, read on.

What Techniques Do We Use? each day you will be working with:

Voice-Vibration Sound Healing  Explore and expand your voice.  Feel the physical vibration of your voice, where it lives in your body, where it’s stuck, where it feels good and where it’s challenged. Each chakra holds a different set of emotions and your emotional history in relation to those elements.  Find out what you’re holding on to and how to let it go.

Journaling The freedom of writing everything that you feel without judgment, and the power of being able to see and read back your own transitions, experiences, awareness’s and moments of clarity, insight and sparks of bright ideas.  Journaling is an integral part of both the retreat and of finding your voice – you might write what you would never actually say.

Movement Sometimes we don’t know how to say it with words, connecting with and expressing yourself through movement helps you feel more connected to yourself

Sharing Within the group, as you share what you experienced in the sounding, your realisations and ‘Ah-Ha’ moments help others in the group find, or absorb their own.  You only share what you are comfortable with, the rest is in your journal, for your eyes only.

Self-Awareness This is the key to all the work.  Recognising the patterns of your past, the beliefs you hold and the blocks that stop you from listening to, trusting and acting upon your inner knowing.

Chakra & Other Energy Work We explore how you can truly listen to what your body and senses are trying to tell you, Connecting more with being able to trust your intuition to get clarity on practical steps you can take to improve your physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual wellbeing.


“My life will benefit from having more self-confidence in speaking and giving myself a place in the world through my voice.
I loved that there was a variety of ways and opportunities to express myself.”
Sandra Deakin (Journalist & Broadcaster, Belgium)


To ask your questions and make sure that this retreat is right for you, book your confirmation call.
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What’s Included?

  • 7 Nights Accommodation
  • All Meals By Our Private Chef (bar our one evening out meal)
  • Maid & Laundress service
  • Powerful Group Sessions
  • Relaxation Time
  • An Afternoon of Exploration
  • Free gifts
  • 6 Months of The ‘Sounds Like Self-Love’ Sisterhood support
  • Foundation Touchpoints Group Coaching
  • 1-2-1 sessions with both Judith & Monica
“Before this work I was very passive in my life, I felt like I was in the passenger seat.
Now, I’ve learned to ask for what I want, communicate more clearly, not be afraid of communicating;
I am now, finally in the drivers seat of my life.
Why didn’t I do this sooner???
(Aideen Schweppe – Yoga Instructor)


Held in a small group, with a maximum of 8 attendees, you will support each other through the powerful shifts of mindset and self-awareness as you recognise and release the restrictions of your past that have been reflected through your life and become more comfortable being in the full power of you.

“I came on the retreat because I didn’t find it easy to talk from the heart.
I just knew that this retreat was going to help me connect with my heart and help me speak literally from my body, not in my head. Without a doubt, it has it done that.”

Zoe Ross (Marketing Consultant, UK)


Want to come? First, book your confirmation call with Judith to make sure it’s right for you.

“This is a wonderful retreat that nourishes and revitalises at a very deep level. My head, heart and soul were all cleared, opened and invited to expand in a gentle yet deeply powerful way. Judith is a skilled facilitator and guide on the journey, leaving no-one behind, inviting us all to move ever deeper and deeper into the unknown parts of ourselves in ways that only ever felt safe. She’s direct, fun and powerful.”
(Helena Holrick)


To make sure that this retreat is right for you, book your confirmation call with Judith. Book My Call

Rooms Are All Twin Beds With En-Suite.

Sleeping Options & Cost

The price paid is for the whole retreat, including accommodation, all guided sounding and coaching sessions, and meals other than the dinner out.

The afternoon trips will require a car-share and anything you choose to buy there is not included.

If you are travelling with a friend or partner do let us know so that the rooms can be allocated respectfully.

We have our very own private chef who will be preparing all meals for us.  Pescatarian (experience the fruits of the Caribbean Sea!) Vegetarian & Vegan all catered for.

Early Bird: £3333 includes £1111 non refundable deposit
Full Price:  £4444 (£1111 non refundable deposit) 10 x instalments (from £333 depending on date of deposit)

Instalment payments may be made by arrangement.  This will be agreed on your clarity call.  The standard deposit is £1111 –  all deposits are non-refundable and are an paid as an agreement to pay in full and attend the retreat.

You may either pay in full or secure your place with a deposit on the confirmation call  (you must have this call before booking) book your call here.  Payments must be made in full by the 1st September 2024, or on booking date if after then.

Any questions book your confirmation call or email

As with all retreats and holidays having your own travel insurance is recommended.

No travel or transfer costs are included

Booking T’s & C’s

 Limited availability – secure your space now

If you wish to register for this programme with me directly and find out more about how we will create a bespoke experience to fit you, please use the button below to arrange a free 20 minute connection call with me.


To register and pay now, please see the below.

Sounds Like Self-Love – 7-Day Retreat – Barbados!


Choose You.

Take time for you.  Reconnect to who you really are.  Recognise and release past emotions, experiences and beliefs that are holding you back, restricting you from doing what you need to do, saying what you need to say, and moving forward in your life.  Step in to your full power and create clarity about and the confidence to take the next steps in your life or business.

PLEASE NOTE Price shown is per person.  Before booking, you must speak with Judith or Monica to check it is right for you – whether you have worked together before or not. Book your clarity call