Speak With Confidence, Heart & Soul

Covid-19 Update: This workshop is happening online.
To help people energetically I’ve reduced the maximum number of attendees to 14
To help financially ALL spaces paid for by individuals are now discounted with spaces from £179 – £222 (full price £279)

I learned a lot from the course and thoroughly enjoyed it. I found it being online surprisingly personable and as most of my presentations for work are now online it was even more beneficial to develop these skills on video.”  (Margaret McFaddon)

Would you like to be able to express yourself with more clarity, confidence & conviction,
no matter the situation?

Do you avoid turning your camera on in meetings, being seen online, doing videos or lives?

Do you seldom raise your hand, or share your ideas in team meetings at work, or in your social group?

Are you running or building your own business and hate the thought of networking, or delivering the dreaded ’60-second-pitch’?

Have you had speaker training before – but although it gave you a template to follow, you don’t feel like you’re speaking from your heart, or still get nerves or have fears that impact you as you speak?

Do you know you have ‘people pleasing’ traits and often stay quiet instead of saying what you want for fear that you might offend others, fear of ‘rocking the boat’, or feeling guilty for putting yourself first?

This life changing* two days helps liberate you from the challenges you face when speaking in front of others, whatever the situation.  (* “Life-changing” are the attendees words, not mine!)

“It was the best course I’ve ever done. Ever. Thank you Judith, you’re amazing.” (Sue Fraser, Business Strategy Coach) 

Come and learn how to manage your nerves, improve your speaking skills and boost your confidence as you speak from your heart.

Day 1
– Mindset and physicality.  This is what makes my work different to most public speaking courses.  Gain awareness of where your challenges come from and the brain and body patterns you’ve developed through life which effect your confidence with speaking, or expressing yourself. (10:00 -5.30)

Day 2
– Vocal technique and nerve management tools. We add the practical elements to the implementation of the new mindset & physicality you have learnt. Practice, implementation & personal feedback for all attendees. (10:00 – 5.30)


Don’t take my word for it;

“I have made great progress thanks to the “Speak With Confidence” workshop with Judith. I gained a greater understanding of how communication works and some easy techniques to improve my voice. I have made great progress.  If you are not confident in speaking then Judith’s workshop is a great place to start gaining that confidence.” 
(Daniel W)

“I was quite apprehensive about the workshop being online, how much I’d get from it and how it would be to be in front of my laptop for two days. However, it was really, really, good.  It was delivered so professionally, completely seamless and felt like we were in the room together.  I would highly recommend it, you learn so many techniques,  and gives you confidence to speak – even on camera!  if you are considering it, go for it!”
(Caitriona Kilmartin)

“Amazing. Thank you so much! Great advice on managing my nerves and using my true voice. Feeling much more confident already” (Tanya – video testimonial available)
Payment includes, workbooks, ’10 top tips’ worksheet, 
MAXIMUM Number of attendees: 14
Any questions, email me now: connect@YourWholeVoice.com
It was really, really, really great. The best money I’ve ever spent. Thank you very much”
(Alype H. – Electrical Engineer)
“An excellent programme that dispelled they myth that speaking has to be scary. As well as more confidence, I have learnt tools to present better and communicate more effectively. Thank you”
(Sophie Morris)

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Judith’s course. She gave fantastic hints on how to really connect with your audience, how to have super-confidence, and how to put those tips in to practice. Even with it being online we all still totally connected with each other.  I would highly recommend the course for anyone who is struggling with public speaking, it will move you on; it did for all of us.  Thank you very much Judith, you’re a star!”
(Lauren Duncan)
I’m really wary of feeling embarrassed in front of a group will you make me do anything stupid?
I don’t force anyone to do anything.  You might be out of your comfort zone but one of my core skills is holding space for people so that they feel safe to do the work. Those who come to my workshops often feel the same and the support you get from each other is key too.
I’m not a public speaker (and don’t want to be one) is this for me? Yes.  This course is for anyone who wants to feel more confident showing up in life.  Whether that is as a public speaker on a massive stage, raising your hand in a meeting, speaking about your business or promoting yourself within your career, or even if  (like one of my old clients) you just want to be heard more in life, like when ordering a meal in a restaurant.  (Ahhh… remember when we could go out to a restaurant?!)

What tech do I need? All you need is your device with a screen (as large a screen as possible) secure internet connection and the zoom link that I’ll send you. You don’t need a studio space, lights, backgrounds etc Just a space where you can be without interruption from others for the day.I hate being on screen – can I do it with my camera off?  This is one of the common challenges however that’s the point of the workshop, to help you become more confident being seen and heard, whether that’s in real life, or online, so sorry, no, it’s cameras on!

Does it really work online? This was my biggest fear – I love in-person events – however I’ve found the same level of connection and support between attendees, and just as powerful personal shifts in vocal confidence.

Two days in front of a screen…Won’t I get tired? This was my 2nd biggest fear – I usually hate being in front of a screen all day and screen fatigue was a real concern for me – but again – was very pleasantly surprised that everyone has reported this was a worry that didn’t materialise for them.

I put a lot of effort into structuring the course, making sure you get screen breaks and that the interaction is a mix of deep and light hearted. Also, If you think about it, you get to have longer in bed than if we were in person, no travel worries, and when we finish you are already home!

​Any other questions? Please ask.
Ready to take the plunge, dive right in and join us so that you can speak with more clarity and confidence, to see the difference that using your voice makes to your whole life? Great!  Book your space below (the best discounts are from the bottom up on the dropdown menu)

Date: Friday 23rd AND Saturday 24th April  2021

Day 1 Time: 10:00 am – 5:30 pm (UK time)

Day 2 Time: 10:00 am – 5:30 pm (UK time)

Location: Your Computer/Tablet/Device
(Preferably not your phone as the screen is so small
but if it’s all you’ve got it’ll do.)



Limited availability – purchase your ticket now and confirm your booking once complete.

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Speak With Confidence, Heart & Soul


A powerful two days to find your more confident voice. Also great if you want to ‘try me out’ before committing to deeper or longer work with me. 

This two day workshop combines your desire to speak, or live life, with more confidence, to be able to speak as YOU, with warmth, connection, and conviction, without fear of what others might think.  I share an abundance of tools and techniques so that you can start to effect change and feel the difference before the course is done.

Please be aware that no refunds are available after 14days from purchase.  Only full price tickets are date transferable, but all tickets may be transferred to another person.