Spiritual Curiosity School

Spiritual Curiosity School 7 Week Group Online Course
11/1 – 22/2
(11th January to 22nd February 2023 – including 2 x bonus sessions)

A bit like Mary Poppins – (NO I’m not ‘Practically Perfect’) but I am ‘Practically Spiritual’ and I’ll be sharing a little bit of magic alongside practical application paired with potentially life-shifting self-awareness.

“For anyone that is seeing this, I am someone that has laughed and made fun of meditation and had no idea what sounding was ….Judith Quin has given me a different view. The 5 mins a day I have been learning to meditate have been the best 5 mins of my day!!! Give it a try…..it really works. ” (Richard Stanley Boxing promoter)
“I am finding myself becoming more curious about and open to others and their ways of being/experiences.” (Tracey H)


This course is for you if you want to know more, without committing to more. This would be the next step from googling ‘spirituality’ ‘spiritual practices’ or ‘holistic practices’ and actually dipping a toe in the water.

It is for you if:
You are confused about where ‘holistic’ and ‘spiritual’ cross – you’re not sure if you want one or the other.

You don’t currently connect with ‘spiritual’ as an adjective but are starting to think that there’s “Something else” or “Something more” out there to life and want to find out more.


You have done a little of something (yoga/mindfulness, a meditation or two)

BUT you…

A) Don’t know where to find people who aren’t “too woo” to introduce you to more
B) Are (or have in the past been) turned off by ‘spirituality’ …. wary that spirituality means having to go ‘full woo’

Over the course of this eight weeks you will get the opportunity to dip your toe in to various spiritual and holistic terminology, practices and methodologies.

Amongst other benefits you will:

  • Discover practical tools to manage stress
  • Enhance your emotional / energetic ‘support tool-kit’
  • Expand your knowledge of what is out there that might be useful
  • Explore practices and methodologies that help you feel more fulfilled
  • Become more confident to talk about elements in this ‘world’
  • Have a safe space in which to ask the questions you think people might think are ‘obvious’ without feeling ‘stupid’

This will be a practical space where people who are intrigued but cautious can come together to find out the basics of different practices and figure out what resonates for you.  Then you can either stay with me and go a bit deeper, or go off on your own to explore the practices that resonated most.

I want to create a space to EXPLORE and understand a bit of ‘weird-hippy-woo’ but without the wafting and waffle.   It’s an introduction – not an indoctrination!

“Seriously powerful stuff! Everything Judith delivers is platinum. Everything.
I didn’t really have the money, but something told me it was the right one and I needed to do it now. I was right.
THANK YOU JUDITH!!!”  (James Goodhew)

Through this supported online course you get to explore whether this is a world you’d like to know more about – and if so – which element; it is a broad, deep and wide space!

As this is a LIVE online course, rather than a self-study, you have direct access to Judith so that you are not going through this alone.  Any questions or challenges can be explored, and with the interactive group nature of this course, you also have the full support of others going through similar experiences.

On top of this, you also receive a 30 minute session with Judith to be taken during or up to a month after the course to support you with anything that might come up for you that you don’t wish to share in the group.


  • Live weekly call Allow 90 minutes in your diary for this weekly live call on a Wednesday at 5.30pm (UK) with Judith in an online zoom room.    This call delves in to specific area of focus of the week. You have the opportunity to ask questions and for some sessions have a sample session.
  • 2 x Extra 45min Group Support sessions check-in Q&As during the course to share experiences or ask questions with Judith, live, in the Zoom room. Allow 45 mins
  • A 30 minute 1-2-1 support call with Judith available to be taken at any point during the course or up to a month after the course (worth £65)
  • 2 x Months Heart-Set Membership of The Global Sound Circle You will be welcomed in to my sonic meditation online membership and will receive recordings of sessions you can’t make so that you can embody the practice (worth £176)
  • FREE access to ‘Sound Foundations’ Have access to my self-study online foundation course. (worth £22)
  • FREE Book you will receive a PDF version of ‘Stop-‘Shoulding’. Start Wanting’ my first book. (worth £7)
  • DISCOUNTS on my self-study online courses and whatever next steps you might wish to take with me.
  • Small Group Limited Numbers A maximum of 22 people in the group keeps things feeling safe to share and makes sure you get personal attention.
    Also includes:
  • Digital download of each live session so that you have the information.
  • PDF worksheets for you to make notes of the different areas covered
“The work is energy tuning and creating confidence to be the best version of yourself. It had the effect of helping to express my own voice by accepting myself.” (Apoorva Mishra)

11th Jan – 22nd Feb 2023
(‘Pre-School’ session to on 2nd Nov –  ‘Graduation’ on 22nd Feb)
contact me to register your interest connect@yourwholevoice.com

70% of the spaces are available at a discount – the earlier you book the less you’ll pay.  Full price is £288 – If you’d like to pay in two installments that is also possible. To book a call to arrange a plan that suits you click here

LIVE elements with Judith are: (all on UK Time)
Weekly Wednesday eve 5.30-7:00pm 60-90 Spiritual Curiosity School session
Weekly Monday Morning 7:30-8am Global Sound Circle Meditation Session
2nd Wednesday eve 6:30-7:15 Global Sound Circle Theme of the Month Exploration Session
4th Wednesday eve 6:30-7:45 Global Sound Circle Theme of the Month Expansion Session
2 x Q&A support sessions 7th Nov & 5th Dec
One 30 minute 1-2-1 session for you during or after the course

Ready to join?
Sign up and pay now below and receive a pay-in-full bonus of an extra 20 minute session with Judith during the course.

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“I gained a lot of insights and tools to continue my growth. I recommend it if you would like to release any emotional tension, baggage, or stress”
Emily Birolini

Please Note:
In order to keep confidentiality within the group and to acknowledge awareness of the potential effects of this work, you will be asked to sign an agreement form to participate in the online event.  The nature of this work is such that you are highly likely to be re-visiting or unleashing past experiences and emotions that you have either forgotten, suppressed, or thought you’ve dealt with but are still lying in your subconscious or cell memory.  If you have experienced mental, physical, or emotional stress or trauma please be aware that sound is a powerful way to release these energies and be prepared to manage them as they arise.  If you have any questions please contact Judith before booking your space.

To arrange a quick, easy and free clarity call to decide what will best suit you as an individual, please click here.

Spiritual Curiosity School


Join this powerful seven week fully supported in-person online course.

This online course, delivered in real-time on zoom, with me by your side, takes you on a journey of your voice vibration and how it connects to, influences, and releases the energetic and emotional energies that hold you back in life.

Explore and accept your voice. Release your rubbish. Raise your vibration.

Any questions contact me to register your interest connect@yourwholevoice.com