Seven Simple Sounds One-Day Workshop

This workshop will get you opening up your voice vibration so that you can both recognise what and where you are held back AND start to release some of the rubbish that you no longer need to hold on to. This is an impactful day whether you are already aware of the power of sounding, sound healing and sonic meditation, or if you have never explored the hidden depths of your voice before.

Powerful wave
Results experienced by those who have been before include:

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Clarity on what’s getting in your way 
  • Healing personal relationships
  • Increased levels of self-worth and self-confidence
  • Knowing what it is you want or need
  • Spiritual openness and connection to higher self
  • Improved relationship with your voice

If you know that you are ‘done’ with feeling stuck, or restricted, in your personal or professional life; If you want to work on an energetic level to understand what is really getting in your way;
If you are ready to let go of some of the emotional blocks that have been holding you back in life
if you want to start to make those changes NOW – then this is the workshop for you.

Please Note:
In order to keep confidentiality within the group and to acknowledge awareness of the potential effects of this work, you will be asked to sign an agreement form to participate in the event.

The nature of this work is such that even though this is an introduction and we are not going to the full depths, you are still likely to be re-visiting or unleashing past experiences, thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you have either forgotten, suppressed, or thought you’ve dealt with but are still lying in your subconscious or cell memory.  If you have experienced mental, physical, or emotional stress or trauma please be aware that sound is a powerful way to release these energies and be prepared to manage them as they arise.

If you have any questions please contact Judith before booking your space.

Please be aware that no refunds are available after 14days from purchase.  Discount tickets are not date transferable, but may be transferred to another person.  Full price tickets are transferable to another person or one other date, if available.

Payment includes worksheet and tea-break snack.

Dates & Locations: Coming Soon!

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Seven Simple Sounds One-Day Workshop


An introduction to the seven simple sounds that are the basis of the 7-Day Retreat and 7-Week Live Online Course

This one day workshop takes you in to a journey of your voice vibration and how it connects to, influences, and releases the energetic and emotional energies that hold you back in life.  Explore and accept your voice. Release your rubbish. Raise your vibration.

Next Dates T.B.C.  To register your interest so that you get first knowledge and access to the early-bird spaces please email me now