Stop ‘Shoulding’ Your Life

Stop ‘Should-ing’ Your Life.
Start Knowing What YOU Want
Start Asking For What You Need
Prepare Your Inner People-Pleaser to Be Eased
(and learn how to say ‘No’ & set clear boundaries!)
Live & In-Person With Me – Saturday 29th July 10am – 4pm

Isn’t it frustrating when you’re living your life for what you believe others expect of you?
Have you sacrificed your path, your desires, your sense of who you are to ‘do the ‘right’ thing’?
Are you always the one saying ‘Yes’, going out of your way, doing more or working harder than others and being taken for granted?

If you’re honest with yourself, wouldn’t it be an amazing relief to do what YOU want once in a while?
Wouldn’t it be great to know what you want so that you can go for it?
How fabulous would it be to quiet your ‘Inner People-Pleaser’ and actually be able to say ‘No’ or to ask for what you need, sometimes?

This day with me will take you through the key exercises from my book ‘Stop ‘Should-ing’. Start Wanting.’ so that you can discover what you want to do, what you don’t, how to ditch some, transform others and quiet the voice of guilt about saying ‘No.’

If you want to move forward in life without the heavy energy of exhaustion, exasperation, regret, or that feeling that you’re starting to begrudge or feel bitter about some of the things you get asked to do (or are assumed you’ll do!) – the BEST place to start is to make a choice.

Decide what you WANT.  Don’t always automatically do what you feel like you ‘Should’.

‘Should’ is an obligation, a heavy, burdensome, duty.
‘Want’ is a choice, a lighter, even exciting, desire.

Stop ‘Should-ing’ Your Life.
Start knowing what it is you actually want for yourself (and for others.)
Then you can start making choices and taking action in alignment with that desire – which is so much easier, lighter and positive than begrudgingly doing it because that’s what you ‘should’.

Amongst other benefits you will:

  • Recognise what you’re feeling obliged to do and

  • How to say “No” to some of it

  • If ‘No’ just not possible – Learn how to turn duty into desire (Don’t begrudgingly do that overtime, or go to that party!)

  • Begin to set boundaries on your time and space – set expectations & barter one thing for another (“I can ‘x’, if you can ‘y’.”)
  • Discover what you’d actually love to do or who you want to spend time with
  • Start asking for what you want … that pay-rise, that time off, that moment of quiet
  • Let go of guilt about wanting something different to others
  • Stop working to other people’s agendas or expectations

  • Start feeling like YOU have some power and control in your life
  • Have a safe space in which to ask the questions you have been avoiding, like:
    ‘But what if people think I’m selfish?’ or ‘If I say ‘No.’ to others, will they hate me? ‘ and ‘Won’t I be seen as ‘difficult’?’ …. In short – No.  Some people might not like the change – but that’s because they’re used to you saying ‘Yes’ … (and I’ll give you some structures to help with that.)

This will be a practical and supported space where you will be with other people who have similar challenges to you.  You are not alone.

You will have the time and space to explore what it is you are subconsciously ‘shoulding’ in your life.

You will leave the day having changed how you think and feel about at least one of your current ‘shoulds’ – either by deciding to ditch it, do it, or deal with it.

“Seriously powerful stuff! Everything Judith delivers is platinum. Everything.”  (James Goodhew)

This course is for you if any of the below apply:

  • You know you’re a bit of a people-pleaser and are looking for ways to reduce that
  • You’re exhausted by & fed up of feeling like everyone always expects you to go out of
    your way, stay later, do more, help out, say ‘yes’… (because you usually do!)
  • You want to know how to say ‘no’ more
  • You want to feel more in control of your life
  • You want to be able to ask for what YOU want or need
  • You want to start making stronger choices for YOU in your life
  • You know you’ve been held back in your professional life by this and you’re over it!
“I gained a lot of insights and tools to continue my growth. I recommend it.” Emily Birolini

Time & Location
Saturday 29th July
10am – 4pm
My Home In SE7
(thanks train strikes) 

Tube to North Greenwich then Bus and a short walk (7min)
Drive – free parking all along my road

Please Note:
In order to keep confidentiality within the group and to acknowledge awareness of the emotions of this work, you will be asked to sign an agreement form to participate in the  event.

If you have any questions please contact Judith before booking your space.

I’m really wary of feeling emotional in front of a group of strangers, is this likely?
To be honest, it’s likely, yes. The ‘shoulds’ in our life often come with a bit of emotional baggage – but one of my core skills is holding space for people so that they feel safe to do the work. Those who come to my workshops often feel the same and the support you get from each other is key too.  Also …  when you have recognised and released some of your stuff you’re also likely to feel joy, delight, ease, even possibly elation!

Is the venue accessible? Yes. And being close to Waterloo station there are all sorts of transport options too.

Refunds & Transfers. Please be aware that no pre-event refunds are available after 14days from purchase.  Only full price tickets are date transferable, but all tickets may be transferred to another person.  There will be no refunds for change of delivery method (ie from in-person to online.) If for any reason the event is completely cancelled you will be offered a 1-2-1 session with Judith to the value of your ticket.

To arrange a quick, easy and free clarity call to decide what will best suit you as an individual, please click here.

Stop ‘Shoulding’ Your Life


Does saying ‘yes’ really make your life easier? Does it keep the peace, or (if you were honest) do you sometimes resent it a bit that people don’t prioritise YOU once in a while? Wouldn’t it be amazing to quiet your ‘Inner People-Pleaser’ and actually be able to set boundaries, manage other people’s requests and expectations, and say ‘No’ to someone or something in life sometimes?

Stop people-pleasing
Learn to say ‘No’ and set boundaries
Start making choices for YOU

Talking of boundaries: Please be aware that no refunds are available after 14days from purchase.  Only full price tickets are date transferable, but all tickets may be transferred to another person.

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