Stop Shoulding. Start Wanting.

Picture of Coaching Book Stop Shoulding Start Wanting by Judith Quin
You won’t find your true voice if you’re living your life by ‘I should’. 

“I should exercise more”
“I should be in touch with my friends more”
“I should be a …(insert profession of choice here)”
“I should be married/have kids/own a home/have more/be more …… etc by now”

How can you ask for what you need if you don’t know what you want? 

Do you find yourself ‘should-ing’ a lot?

Who’s ‘shoulds’ are they?

Were they once true, but not any more?

Do those ‘shoulds’ belong to you, or is it actually the voice of your family, friends, colleagues, teachers, bosses, society?

When you think about your ‘shoulds’ do they feel heavy and restricting, or light and inspiring?

This book is the first step to finding your voice.   It is an introduction to ways for you to recognise and release the burden of your “shoulds”, to stop living your life trying to please or being worried about what other people might think about you,  and start living a life that feels lighter, a life with choice, clarity and direction.

Why is stopping ‘should-ing’ the first step to finding your voice? Because if you don’t know what you want, how can you ask for what you need?

Sharing some of my lessons from life and guiding you through some exercises, this light-hearted, easy to read and simple to follow book will help you re-prioritise your life and put you back on your path.


“As someone whose voice is their ‘raisin d’etre’ firstly as a singer, then voice over / actress and broadcaster, I love the way Judith has made the connection between our voice and how we use it, and our ‘inner voice’ – the pesky critic that so often stops us from shining our light brightly. This book is practical and inspirational and Judith is your accessible life coach and voice coach rolled into one.
Janey Lee Grace Media coach, author and BBC Radio 2 Presenter

“Judith Quin is an amazing voice coach and energy alchemist who has simplified the basics of life coaching (as well as shadow work!) into this wonderful life guide which is easy-to-read and fun to follow – a must if you feel stuck in any area of your life.”
Rachel Elnaugh, entrepreneur, former Dragons’ Den ‘Dragon’, and award winning business mentor

Reviews from Amazon:

“Thank you for a timely reminder. The book is well written and easy to read, with the exercises providing useful action steps to really make positive changes. Words have power and “should” is a word I will be “wanting” to erase from my vocabulary, and, in particular, from my self-talk! Thank you Judith, I look forward to your next book.”

“Timely and much needed advice on how to start listening to your own needs, engage intuition and own your choices. With personal stories many of us can relate to, this book makes easy and entertaining reading, and gives simple tools to practice in everyday life. Got it yesterday and couldn’t stop reading, highly recommend to all who are determined to make their life happier!”

“Really enjoyed this book and doing the exercises because it gave me clarity on things I’ve been procrastinating over forever! As a new start up owner it is easy to get off mission and deal with surviving each day as it comes. This was a great reminder to keep my eye on the main prize! Highly recommend this book!”

“Clear hurdles pragmatically and make it fun! I’ve found this book much more helpful and action provoking than I imagined. Judith Quin writes with conviction, huge understanding and insight. She shares her own experiences and approaches which for me really added depth and made the exercises meaningful. I will be referring to this book for some time.”

“What a fantastic read!! Well worth some time to read this and focus on your self-development and can’t think of a better book to kick start that journey.”

“Live the Life you Want! A book that helps you coach yourself and be kind to yourself. How to make choices and achieve what you want free of the burden of ‘should’. It’s warm and honest. Read and change your life now.”

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Stop Shoulding. Start Wanting.


The first step to finding your voice.

In order to ask for what you need, you need to be clear on what YOU want – especially if you’re in the habit of trying to do what you feel other people think you ‘should’.

A coaching book for you to start to find your voice to live your life, perfect if you regularly feel like you ‘should’ do things.

Available on Kindle and in Paperback.  Get your signed copy by ordering from me on the button below (let me know in the notes if you want it dedicated to someone else!)

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