Sounds Like Self Love Retreat Taster Experience

“Should I Stay Or Should I Go?”
“Is it “Yes” … Or Is It “No.”?”

Monica Douglas of Wild Heart Wisdom, and Judith Quin of Your Whole Voice
invite women at a point of transition

Come and join us in the magic energy of Avebury Henge & Trees.

Explore how to trust and follow your soul whispers …

12 Spaces For Women Wanting To Choose Themselves.

(Men who are interested, we do work with you too – just not this event – the energy for this one is female.
Thanks for understanding and please feel free to take a look at other events where your energy will enhance the experience for all.)

Are You  A Woman At An Impasse or Resurrection?

If you know that there are choices to be made in your life – and feel torn between the ‘right’ ‘sensible’ or ‘expected’ option and the option that you’d love (which might feel unknown) – what will you choose?

Are you going to choose that which will be best for others again – or for you?  Why not the one that gives you a tingle of excitement and just a little bit of that ‘but what might happen if I do?’ trepidation …. this one-day experience is crafted just for you.

What is ‘Self-Love’?
We believe that the strongest reflection of self-love is the ability to live life from a place where you listen to your body, heart and soul, trusting your spiritual intuition and physical senses.  When you act from self-love you have the capacity and conviction to take action from the place where your deepest truth and higher purpose meet.

Sometimes you have choices ahead of you – or have choices thrust upon you – which leave you sitting in what feels like the unknown.

Modern life has trained out of us the ability to listen to our higher, true, authentic self ~ the part of us that always knows exactly what we need.  Life presents us with rewards for doing what is ‘expected’ ‘right’ or ‘normal’.  If we are called to something ‘other’ we question ourselves.  If something unexpected happens we feel lost and listen to others, to society, to fear.  So then we feel stuck.
What if, instead, when you are in that place, you had the ability to listen to your heart and soul.

Self-love is the way back from stuck-ness and feeling lost.
Self-love is the way to clarity and choice.
Self-love is knowing if something is a ‘yes’ for you – or a ‘no’ – and feeling able to follow that pull and express what you need.

Are you ready for a taste of transformation?
Join us for a captivating one-day immersion into the power of Voice-Vibration Sound & Chakra Energy Healing, Movement, Self-Awareness, Emotional Wellbeing and Self-Empowerment.

This day is designed to give you clear tools and techniques to take away and implement and has been inspired by the work we will be doing on our  “Sounds Like Self-Love” 7-Day Retreat in Barbados.

What to Expect From This 1-Day Experience:
Dive into a transformative day of self-discovery and relationship with your authentic self.

Feel more connected to the true essence of the whole of who you are, your soul, spirit, self.  by learning to listen to, embrace and trust your inner ‘YES’ and inner ‘NO’.

Morning Session: Embrace Your Authenticity

Start the day by unlocking the power of self-love. Take the time to understand the importance of honouring who you are and who you want to be.  Start listening to who you are now, rather than who you’ve been for other people. Discover how aligning with your authentic self can revolutionise your life choices.

Afternoon Session: The Art of Intuition & Conscious Decision-Making

Delve into practical exercises and guided reflections that will help you tap into your intuition. Learn how to make conscious decisions aligned with your true desires, so that you can start to express your “Yes.” or “No.”

BONUS Saturday Evening or Sunday Morning Sessions: 

If you choose to stay in Avebury for the night – or simply later, feel free to join Monica & myself as we do our own personal work with magic energy of the stones and the trees to be decided on the day whether it will be in the late evening and/or early morning lights.

PLEASE NOTE: Accommodation in Avebury itself is slim – you are responsible for your own travel and accommodation.

Personalised Guidance: Meet the Facilitators

Connect with your experienced facilitators, Monica and Judith who will provide personalised insights and guidance.

Why Attend the One-Day Experience?

Get a glimpse of the enlightening journey that awaits you in life.

Connect with Like Minds: Engage with a community of radiant women on a similar journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Receive Practical Tools: This one-day experience isn’t just a teaser – you will leave here with some useful tools right away to implement in your life going forward.

Receive a taste of the exercises we share to help you unlock and deeply embrace your true self and inner voice.  Move forward with grace and clarity in your life.

Ready to Begin?
Deepen your journey towards self-love and conscious decision-making. Step into a world of possibilities, where embracing your inner YES and NO sets the stage for a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Seize this opportunity to ignite the flame of your true potential and embrace the woman you were born to be. Invest in yourself for this one-day experience at a special early bird rate of £88 – or full price of £122.
(Should you later decide to join us for our Retreat and Sisterhood this investment will be deducted from the fee)

Come for this one day and see what happens for you.

Results experienced by those who have been to 1-day events with Judith and Monica before include:

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Clarity on what’s getting in your way 
  • Healing personal relationships
  • Increased levels of self-worth and self-confidence
  • Knowing what it is you want or need
  • Spiritual openness and connection to higher self
  • Improved relationship with yourself

And … see if our online Sisterhood – or even our 7-Day Retreat in Barbados might be for you (if we have spaces left by then)

Reserve your spot for Avebury now to embrace your life

Event Details:

Date: Saturday 13th July 2024

Time: 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Location: The Henge Shop, Avebury, Wilts.

Investment: £122 – Includes snacks, but not food, travel or accommodation
(£88 for Sounds Like Self Love Sisterhood Members)

LUNCH BREAK: 45mins (bring your own food and eat in the power of the stones – or there are a couple of cafes around the corner)

The nature of this work is such that even though this is an introduction and we are not going to the full depths, you are still likely to be re-visiting or unleashing past experiences, thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you have either forgotten, suppressed, or thought you’ve dealt with but are still lying in your subconscious or cell memory.  If you have experienced mental, physical, or emotional stress or trauma please be aware that sound is a powerful way to release these energies and be prepared to manage them as they arise.

If you have any questions please contact Judith before booking your space.

Please be aware that no refunds are available after 14days from purchase.  Tickets may be transferred to another person.


Limited availability – purchase your ticket now and confirm your space.

To arrange a quick, easy and free clarity call to decide what will best suit you as an individual, please click here.

Sounds Like Self Love Retreat Taster Experience


Shine a light on your soul.  Come and join us for a day of reconnection to your true, whole, shining, beautiful self – offer yourself love, clarity and choice.

Come either simply for the day of itself, or to decide whether you’d like to join Judith & Monica in the Sounds Like Self-Love Sisterhood and contemplate the 7 Day Retreat in Barbados 9-16th November 2024

Please note that no refunds are given after purchase.  You may transfer your space to another person.