Stronger Together Sisterhood

The Stronger Together Sisterhood Invites You To Join the
Sisterhood Circle
Gentleness. Awareness. Compassion. Support.
A Transformational Women’s Support Container
March 2024 – March 2025
(Open Membership until September 2024 – then it’s closed)
With Monica Douglas of Wild Heart Wisdom and Judith Quin of Your Whole Voice

Being a strong, independent, woman is brilliant. 
We love that we can do it on our own. 
We like not needing others thanks very much.
We know that we will ‘get it done’, can ‘get it done’.

BUT ….. if we’re honest ….

(and yes Monica & I are speaking from our experience here)

SOMETIMES: It’s exhausting. It’s exasperating. It’s frustrating. 
And sometimes … if we’re really honest …
Sometimes we just want someone hold space for us, tell us ‘It’s OK’.

And …. let’s face it …. the cycle of burnout – or close to burnout – gets tedious.

What if you had a group of women who would hold space for you where it’s OK to feel stuck, frustrated, confused, exhausted, exasperated?

What if you had a space where you could stop being ‘in control’ ‘strong’ ‘certain’ ‘the responsible one’ for a bit?

What if you had a space where you could allow yourself to soften into ease?

What if you had a space where you could lay down your burdens and feel the blessed relief of release?

A space where you could regularly return to so that you can recuperate, replenish and leave feeling revitalised?

The Sisterhood support container was initially conceived as a few pre & post retreat support sessions for those who are attending our 7-Day Sounds Like Self Love Retreat on 9th – 16th November in Barbados. (Retreat details here)

Then Monica and I realised that what we were offering would be a wonderful space for those who want to do the work, but who couldn’t make the retreat.  So we opened our hearts, minds and intuition and deeply felt that the Stronger Together Sisterhood had to come into creation.

The Stronger Together Sisterhood is a space for you to:

  • Not have to do it all on your own
  • Put your ‘bags’ or burdens down at the ‘door’ and replenish yourself
  • Gift yourself both Time & Space to think and feel clearly
  • Feel supported
  • Feel accepted for the whole of who you are – even if you aren’t sure who that is
  • Get to know, like, love, release more of you
  • Learn new tools to be able to process the thoughts and feelings that keep you stuck
  • Enhance the skills you already have
  • Tune in to your intuition
  • Learn to trust yourself more
  • Start to make choices about the changes you want to see in your life.

    The first offering of the Stronger Together Sisterhood is the
    Sisterhood Retreat and for those who can’t come to the retreat – the Sisterhood Circle.
    This is a place that has been specifically created to enhance your ability to listen to your heart and soul, to give you the time to make the changes you need in order to lead a life that only adds to your strength – as when the right people gather, we are always Stronger Together. 

Are you choosing YOU in your life? Do you have Self-Love?

We believe that the strongest reflection of self-love is the ability to live life from a place where you listen to your body, heart and soul, trusting your spiritual intuition and physical senses, connected to who you are now in your wholeness.  When you act from self-love you have the capacity and conviction to take and create time and space for you so that you can then action from the place where your deepest truth and higher purpose meet.

Sometimes you have choices ahead of you – or have choices thrust upon you – which leave you sitting in what feels like the unknown.
Modern life has trained out of us the ability to listen to our higher, true, authentic self ~ the part of us that always knows exactly what we need.  Life and society present us with rewards for doing what is ‘expected’ ‘right’ or ‘normal’…. sometimes those rewards aren’t very obvious – like ‘not rocking the boat’ or feeling  the ‘nod of acceptance’.

Self-love is the way back from stuck-ness.
Self-love is the way to clarity and choice.
Self-love is feeling able to follow your own voice and express what you need.

Practicalities, Logistics & Fees:

  • The Sisterhood is an online membership with regular meetings hosted by Judith and/or Monica.
  • We meet on the 2nd Monday of every month on Zoom at 7pm (UK Time – that’s 8pm Europe, 2pm EST, 11am PST)
  • You don’t have to join full membership – you can visit each month for £88 per session – until July and then the doors close. (If you decide to join then, what you have paid already will count towards your Membership fee.)
  • Each meeting is recorded so if you can’t make it for any reason, full members can still receive the wisdom of your sisters, the teachings of your facilitators, and do the exercises yourself. This keeps the bond going and the connection strong.
  • We also have a dedicated online membership hub for full members where you can share your triumphs and challenges, ask for support, share inspirations, or have a really safe space to have a simple gripe.
  • There are also in-person events depending on Monica’s travel to the UK.  There is definitely a 1-Day Retreat Experience on Sat 13th July in Avebury, Wiltshire at the magic standing stones and a two-night Glastonbury retreat to crown off the year.  (These in-person events will be discounted for members.)
  • Members will get first information and best price offers for any of Judith or Monica’s other events.

Online Sessions Until August are available both for Members AND open to non-members to join on a pay-per-session attendance (each session £88)

The July 1-Day event is also open to non-members.
(details below)
Come September the group is closed and the membership fully formed – the sooner you join the more value you get!

Foundation Touch-points – Group Sessions – Open To All

  • 11th March – Knowing
  • 8th April – Releasing Resistance
  • 13th May – Listening
  • 10th June – Speaking

Saturday 13th JULY: 1-day Retreat Taster Day in Avebury Henge – with extension into Sunday morning if you desire.
(accommodation & travel not included – spaces £88 for members, £122 for non-members)Details Here 20190604_174335-e1560411928266 - Your Whole Voice


Members also receive 2 hours of Laser Coaching/Energy Release Credits with Monica and Judith
(1hr with each of us – pay in full BONUS – get 2hrs with both Judith and Monica)

9th Sept – Relationship to the Masculine (root) 

14th Oct – Relationship to the Feminine (sacral)

11th Nov – LIVE session from the Retreat Relationship to SELF/Identity (solar plexus)

9th Dec – Relationship to Love/Compassion & Where Blame/Guilt are held (heart)

13th Jan – Relationship to Self Expression (throat)

10th Feb – Connection to Choices Made from Insight (3rd Eye)

10th March – Higher Self Connection (crown)

14th – 16th March 2025 Closing Crowning Ceremony @ Glastonbury Chalice Well (extra cost TBC. )

Sounds Like Self-Love Sisterhood Membership = £888
This can be paid in 10 x instalments of £88.80 Until June 2024 – then instalment rates will rise (you will still only pay £888 but in bigger instalments over less time)

If all of this has given you a taste for us – and you think you might like the retreat …. the details are here:

To arrange a quick, easy and free clarity call to decide what will best suit you as an individual, please click here.

Stronger Together Sisterhood


Payment in full receives a bonus 1hr session with both Judith & Monica – so you 4 hrs in total
Installment payments will be billed monthly for 10 months you are committing to this on first payment