“The QuintEssential You” – VIP 2-Day

Whole Voice, Whole Life, Whole You
2-day Intensive with Judith Quin

What you discover and learn here will change the way you think about communication in your whole life, for life.

This experience is created bespoke for you. If you know you are ready to step up to the next level in life, if you are done with feeling uncertain about speaking or expressing yourself in front of others, if you want to create a speech, or prepare for a challenging conversation, if you want to get right away from the other distractions in your life and focus 100% on acknowledging your challenges, finding and expressing your voice, and creating a new start in your life or business, then this is for you.

The two day structure gives you time to process the thoughts, feelings and ideas that arise and to discover the way that you want to move forward.

Luxury version held in a hand-picked hotel in Central or Greater London or comfort version is held in accommodation of your choice in Greenwich/Blackheath and using local facilities.

Standing with arms open and smiling


  • Two nights and breakfasts in a hand-picked hotel in Central or Greater London* Luxury Version.
  • Supper with Judith before the work day to start the discussion and your thought process.
  • Lunch all teas, coffees and snacks and celebratory drink at the end of the work day.

Also includes:

  • A pre-experience clarity sheet to complete – so that I can fully prepare the best exercises and ideas for you before the day
  • A 30 minute follow-up call in the 7-10 days after the experience – then –
  • 5 x 45minute weekly catch-up and continuity support calls
  • A 15 min. ’emergency or connection’ call available between our ongoing support calls to be taken when needed
  • Unlimited email support for 3 months
  • Pay in full bonus gift on the day.

The Outline:
Evening 1
You arrive at 6pm on night one, we go for supper and discuss in full the outline of the days and what you are looking to achieve.

Full-Day 1
The next day is a full-on intensive day during which we work with your body,  your voice, your concerns or fears, we have a walk-and-talk session in nature, and work on your specific focus, whether that’s to create the speech you need to give or work on how to express what needs to be said in an upcoming challenging conversation, or creating a collection of stock phrases to help you be heard.

During the sessions with me you will explore and become aware of your core beliefs and the blocks you have around speaking or expressing yourself fully and completely, being more confident or assertive, or taking up space and being seen and heard for who you are and being confident in what you have to offer.  You will acknowledge and release old energetic fears or restrictions to bring you back in to your whole self with a new clarity and energy. We will also work on how to approach the specific situations or focus that you want to work on.

Evening 2
If you would like to be left alone to process the day you have the evening alone, or if you prefer I am available to join you for supper again and we let things mull. (This meal is not included)

Day 2
The next day we work in the morning on the fine-tuning, on anything that has come up for you overnight, or to hone your speech if you’ve been working on one.  You depart at about midday.

The next week
We have a follow up call in the week after the two days and book in sessions for three months after for your continuity and support calls.

The next 3 months
These support calls are a brilliant way for you to start implementing the new tools, techniques and communication strategies that we have worked on over the 2-days.  With me there by your side for the extra three months, you won’t fall back in to old habits or ways of being because you’ll be putting these new elements in to practice and we’ll be adjusting and adapting so that the more confidently expressed you becomes your new normal.

How we work together
I work with a variety of tools depending on your preference and what I feel will be most beneficial for you, including, but not limited to, coaching, technical vocal exercises, physical and mental nerve management tools and exercises, physical embodiment exercises, sound and voice exploration or healing, energy awareness work, spending time in nature, automatic response writing, subconscious drawing and oracle/inspiration card guidance.  (If you don’t ‘do’ spiritual stuff that’s fine, we take them off the table – no ‘woo’ for you! The pure coaching and vocal confidence elements work brilliantly on their own too.)

It is my job to make embracing these changes easier for you – you are not alone, I am there supporting you, encouraging you, I’ve got your back so that you can take the steps forward that you need to.

Need a little more?

Watch a testimonial for this experience:

Still unsure if this is right for you? Then click here to book your free connection call with me and let’s chat.
This is a zero obligation call – you need to be sure about it, and we need to be a good and right match for you to get the best from the work.

If the financial investment is a block for you – I don’t want it to be – let’s talk we can work out a payment plan that works for you.
Many people have worked with me and then gone on to earn more as a result of it through promotions and pay rises and – because they are more confident to ask for their full worth! (One person secured an £80,000 contract after our session!)

I also invite you to think of the emotional worth this work would give you.   Like the person who worked with me and freed themselves from a workplace bully because he had the conversation with their boss and got the bully removed from his line of management, or the woman who had a good consultancy business in corporate but freed herself up to start speaking about her passion and is now following that path which is true to her.

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    Public Speaking/Vocal confidence
Sonic Meditation/Sound Healing
Life Coaching/Finding my voice in my life

    “The QuintEssential You” – VIP 2-Day


    Everything from the one-day plus time to process and 3 months of ongoing support. Shine a light on what is getting in your way and who you want to be.

    Get right away from your daily responsibilities and distractions to focus 100% on reconnecting to who you are, what is important to you, and how you express yourself personally and professionally.

    Give yourself the chance to start again, refresh, re-frame and re-focus, with time to process thoughts and ideas to move forward.

    Gain a deeper level of self-awareness, tools and techniques to use for life, and ongoing support from me.

    Please use the below button to access and complete the application form for this programme and I will be in touch to discuss the best way to move forward.

    Long Term Programme Application

      Your Main Focus (required)

      Public Speaking/Vocal confidence
Sonic Meditation/Sound Healing
Life Coaching/Finding my voice in my life