GSC Monthly Theme Sounding Session

This is the theme we will explore in the 45min session on Weds 13th at 7pm 
(UK time)

As we come in to the last quarter of the year are you ready to release? Whether that’s releasing in to the world what you have harvested – or if it’s ready to release as in, let go of the old…

Come and explore your relationship to the autumn coming in through sound, chat and a bit of coaching.

Come and join the Global Sound Circle members in our monthly sounding session exploring the theme connection through questions, coaching and, of course sounding our relationship to rest.

Have Questions about sounding? This is the place to come and have them answered, either by asking what you want to know, or by joining us as we delve a little deeper in to the practical sound healing elements of voice-vibration work. Each month has a different theme and in this session we explore the theme of the month and get you sounding to release trapped energy or emotions.

DON’T PANIC – Sounding is not singing; there is no right or wrong note, and you can have your mic turned off if you’d prefer not to be heard by others.  The power in the work can be felt by simply listening, or by you sounding to yourself.

You are welcome to join these sessions. You don’t have to be a member of the Global Sound Circle to join us, so come and find out more about sound healing.  While you’re there you’ll also discover whether the Global Sound Circle membership might be right for you too (To be honest if you even only come to this session then a membership is worth looking at – as you also get an extra 15 minute theme of the month meditation to download, and access to a private FB group, as well as access to two 30 minute group meditations a month.) 

Come and join in from wherever you are in the world.
Yes, even over the internet you will feel how the vibration of your own voice can energise and empower or rest and release you.

What is the Global Sound Circle?
The Global Sound Circle is a part of my vision of sharing Sound Around The World, a vision of a world where all people know about the simple, effective, power of voice-vibration sound healing and meditation.

Members of the Global Sound Circle groups receive access to the live 30 minute meditations, a monthly themed downloadable meditation, a private FB Group for support and sounding discussion, two special evening sessions a month of 45mins and 75/120mins to expand on the sounding work for emotional and energy healing, Q&A sessions, and more.

If you’d like to find out more about the Global Sound Circle membership click here  or scroll down to book your session today come and play your part in sharing Sound Around The World.

Come and find out what it’s all about, tell your friends and I’ll see you soon.

GSC Monthly Theme Sounding Session


Open To The Public.

Either add to your meditation practice or learn more about sound for healing.

Join the Global Sound Circle members in our 45 minute monthly 2nd Wednesday sounding sessions and Q&A.

This is open to all to give you a taste of how voice-vibration sound healing works, and as an introduction to what we do in the Global Sound Circle.