Theme of the Month Meditation MP3 (£8)

June’s Theme Of The Month:
Shine Your Light

It’s time to allow yourself to shine your light as we come in to June and move headlong into Solstice.  Whether Summer or Winter – this time is always about the light – the light at it’s height or the light’s return.

The light shining can leave us no place to hide – so shine deeply into yourself and find your own light and how it shines in your own way. 

This is the theme explored in the 45min session on Weds 14th at 6.30pm

Come and explore what might need culling, renewing, or revitalising through sound, chat and a bit of coaching. here is this month’s downloadable meditation for you.

This downloadable MP3 invites you to explore the theme of the month – each meditation is only available for the month that it’s in and changes Monthly.

The Theme of The Month is what we focus on in the 30 minute meditation sessions, the 45 min theme of the month and 75 min expansion sessions in The Global Sound Circle.

As a member of The Global Sound Circle you get these meditations included in your membership and automatically sent to you each month, as well as access to a variety of 30 minute online meditation sessions and 1-2-1 sessions with me depending on the level of membership.

If you are intrigued, downloading this monthly offering is an easy and inexpensive way to explore some of how I work and the work we do in The Global Sound Circle.

If you’d like more awareness of what we do, or to decide if the membership is right for you, you can join up to 3 of the 30 minute meditation sessions for FREE and pay just £15 to join us for  a 45 minute group Theme of the Month exploration session.  All details are here

Theme of the Month Meditation MP3 (£8)


Available for one month only – Each month explores a different theme. February’s theme is “Love”.  (As a part of The Global Sound Circle each member gets these meditations for free.)

In this meditation you can join me in a guided mindful awareness of the theme of the month, before opening in to sound.

A great way to start to explore this work.