Vocal Confidence: Speak Without Fear London

Would you like to be able to express yourself with more clarity, confidence & conviction?

Are you running or building your own business and hate the thought of networking, or delivering the dreaded ’60-second-pitch’?

Are you wanting to step-up a level and speak at events, or conference, or to run your own classes or workshops – but the thought of being in front of an audience gets your heart racing, makes your throat constrict and your mouth go dry?
Do you work in a company and avoid raising your hand, or sharing your ideas in team meetings because you don’t want to ‘say something stupid’?
This life changing* two days helps liberate you from the challenges you face when speaking in front of others, whatever the situation.
(* “Life-changing” are the attendees words, not mine!)
Come and learn how to manage your nerves, improve your speaking skills and boost your confidence.
Day 1 – Mindset and physicality.  This is what makes my work different to most public speaking courses.  Gain awareness of where your challenges come from and the brain and body patterns you’ve developed through life which effect your confidence with speaking, or expressing yourself. (10:00 -5.30)


Day 2 – Vocal technique and nerve management tools. We add the practical elements to the implementation of the new mindset & physicality you have learnt. Practice, implementation & personal feedback for all attendees. (10 – 5.30)


Don’t take my word for it;

“Just wanted to say thank you for the incredible class yesterday..there were so many useful things…Looking forward to putting into practise all of the techniques and advice you provided. Could be life-changing!”
(Colin Stratton – I.T. Start-up Entrepreneur)

“Amazing. Thank you so much! Great advice on managing my nerves and using my true voice. Feeling much more confident already” (Tanya – video testimonial available)
“It was the best course I’ve ever done. Ever. Thank you Judith, you’re amazing.” (Sue Fraser, Business Strategy Coach)
(Payment includes, workbooks, ’10 top tips’ worksheet, tea/coffee & snacks)
MAXIMUM Number of attendees: 16
Any questions, email me now: connect@YourWholeVoice.com
“It was really, really, really great. The best money I’ve ever spent. Thank you very much”
(Alype H. – Electrical Engineer)
“An excellent programme that dispelled they myth that speaking has to be scary. As well as more confidence, I have learnt tools to present better and communicate more effectively. Thank you”
Sophie Morris
“Great amount of info and techniques to take away – very interesting insights – I learned a load” (John Keedwell)


Date: Friday 8th AND Saturday 9th of February

Day 1 Time: 10:00 am – 5:30 pm

Day 2 Time: 10:00 am – 5:30 pm

Location: Central London – Euston


Limited availability – purchase your ticket now and confirm your booking once complete.

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Vocal Confidence: Speak Without Fear London


Find your confident voice for public speaking – whether, to you, that means speaking one-on-one to a stranger, or to a room of 1000 people.

This two day workshop combines your desire to live life with more confidence, with my skills and knowledge gained through acting, coaching, and sound and voice-vibration work; so that you can start to effect change and feel the difference.

Having the confidence to speak is so much more than how you are saying what you are saying. As well as all the usual practical tools that allow you to find breath control, explore your voice and gain confidence when speaking in public, this workshop goes deeper and helps you recognise the mindset patterns that stand in your way.

(Payment includes, workbooks, ’10 top tips’ worksheet, tea/coffee & snacks.)

Please be aware that no refunds are available after 14days from purchase and no discount tickets are transferable.