Whole Voice. Whole Life. Whole You. 3-Day Personal Retreat

Whole Voice, Whole Life, Whole You
3-day One-to-One Spiritual Retreat/Intensive

Did you know that it is possible to be, and let your voice reflect, all parts of you?  Practical/spiritual/business/family/friend whatever hat you are wearing, you don’t have to break yourself up into separate parts – you can bring them all together and choose what you’re calling on at any given moment.

How would it feel if you were able to bring all elements of who you are to how you live and what you do – so that you can have a through-line of clarity and focus in your life?

Are you looking to feel comfortable being fully self-expressed?

Would you like to express yourself connected to your expanded spiritual & higher-self and/or want to break the patterns or embrace the energy of your ancestral past?

Is it time to stop doing it all on you own, take a break from the responsibilities that burden you, and let someone else support you and help you rediscover your focus, voice and direction?

If you are looking to feel as strong as the beliefs or knowledge you want to share, if you have been going through (or some situations give you) a crisis of confidence, if you are done with feeling uncertain about speaking or expressing your truth to others, if you want to let go of who you used to be, who others expect you to be…

If you are ready to step in to the next phase of your life, step up to being who you want to be and allow yourself to be seen and heard in your world….

This is for you.

It’s time to find and express your true, whole, self and voice and create a new start or create renewed energy in your life or business.

Join me on a spiritual journey as you get right away from the other distractions in your life and focus 100% on YOU.  Recognise the energetic and emotional blocks your brain, body and emotions have held on to, release your attachment to the way things ‘have always been’, and re-connect to who YOU really are – free from the expectations and obligations of others.  The easier it is to share what’s important to you, the more you can be truly you, the better you can be for those who matter in your life – so it’s vital to free your whole, true, voice.

Liberate your life; be you.

This service is a one-to-one experience – you get my undivided attention.  The three day structure gives you time to explore and understand the core energetic/emotional block to sharing your voice, to process the thoughts, feelings and ideas that arise, and to discover the way that you want to move forward in life.  I will be there with you the whole time, supporting you, taking you through various exercises, asking the pertinent questions, not letting you fall back in to old patterns, allowing you space to process on your own when you need it, and being there for you as things arise that you need to share, discuss, get clarity on, or sound out of your system.

There are two options for you to choose from:

Spiritual Spaces: A tailor-made Spiritual Spaces experience with a visit to the spiritual heart of England, Avebury and Glastonbury. This may include Ancestral Archiving if you like, as both spaces are on the St Michaels and other ley-lines of the world and Glastonbury is the Heart Chakra of the world, so all connections can be created.

Ancestral Archiving: We create a bespoke experience where we visit a place of your choice connected to your ancestral lineage, find spiritual spaces nearby and clear the energy of your ancestors that you no longer need to carry for your family – as well as stepping in to your spiritual self.  The price for this is not fixed as it will depend where in the world we go, what sites we need to see and how much research I need to do.

Show a new dawn

Welcoming The New Dawn


  • Two nights accommodation
  • Full access to me for the duration of the trip
  • All meals from lunch on day 1 to lunch on day 3.
  • Local travel costs, transportation to the spiritual sites
  • My escorting you around the sites

Also includes:

  • 45 minute pre-experience call so that I can fully prepare the best exercises and ideas for you.
  • Morning ‘decompression-session’ after breakfast on day three, before your departure.
  • 1 x 45 minute call a month for catch-up and continuity support for 3 months after the event.
  • 1 x 15 minute ’emergency’ call a month between calls
  • Unlimited email support
  • Pay in full Bonus gift on the day.

Basic Outline: (Outline is for Spiritual Spaces and will alter depending on your requirements.
PRICE SHOWN is for Spiritual Spaces which may include your own ancestral journey or release.  If you’d like Ancestral Archiving at a specific venue that relates to your family line, this is a bespoke service created specifically for you and starts from £4297 and depends on location/travel requirements/research/accommodation )

Day One: You arrive at my base in SE London at 9:30am for connection, a deep-dive to find your core emotional/energetic block to feeling fully confident expressing yourself, clarity exercises and a receiving a sound healing session.  After a light lunch we leave to head to Avebury Henge.
On the journey we talk through what has come up in the morning session, then on arrival at the stones, walking through the avenue to the circles, we sound and connect with the energy of the stones, work through more exercises and allow you to process the day’s work.  After settling in at the B&B and a pub supper – we may return to the stones for an evening closing.

Day Two: We travel to Glastonbury – passing Stonehenge on the way (if you would like to visit Stonehenge this is an extra cost but can be arranged – either private entrance with notice, or general entrance) On arrival at Glastonbury we work further on your spiritual self connection past and present, true voice, and self-expression challenges.  Visit to the Chalice Well, and either the White Well or Abbey (time permitting & whether we have been to Stonehenge) for more connection and awareness.  Dinner is in Glastonbury and an early evening before:

Day Three: Rise for a dawn walk up Glastonbury Tor for the new dawn on your life (weather permitting – although do bring a waterproof and boots if it’s that kind of season.)  After breakfast, a stroll into town to find the right crystal/talisman/tools for you to work with as you take your next steps.  Also leaving space to process anything that has come up overnight.   We depart around lunchtime to head back to London and the end of our experience.

We have a follow up call in the week after the three days and have regular sessions for three months afterwards for your continuity and support calls.

During the sessions you will explore and become aware of your core beliefs and the blocks you have around expressing yourself from the whole of you. You will acknowledge and release old energetic fears or restrictions to bring you back in to your whole self with a new clarity and energy for life, personally and professionally.   I work with a variety of tools depending on your preference and what I feel will be most beneficial for you, including, but not limited to, coaching, sound and voice exploration or healing, energy awareness work, intuition, spending time in nature, automatic response writing, subconscious drawing, crystal connection and oracle/inspiration card guidance.

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    Public Speaking/Vocal confidence
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Life Coaching/Finding my voice in my life

    Whole Voice. Whole Life. Whole You. 3-Day Personal Retreat


    Are you ready for a whole new way of looking at life?   Give yourself the chance to start again, refresh, re-frame and re-focus, with time to process thoughts and ideas to move forward personally and professionally.

    Release yourself from the bonds of your past beliefs and experiences, and reconnect to who you know you could be, or want to be.  A practical and spiritual journey including connecting to your higher, spiritual, self and releasing ancestral patterns too.

    Gain a deeper level of self-awareness, tools and techniques to use for life.

    Please use the below button to access and complete the application form for this programme and I will be in touch to discuss the best way to move forward.

    Long Term Programme Application

      Your Main Focus (required)

      Public Speaking/Vocal confidence
Sonic Meditation/Sound Healing
Life Coaching/Finding my voice in my life