Public & Private Workshops

I have been running vocal confidence workshops – for the public, in businesses, and for private groups since 2015.


All dates and details of scheduled public vocal confidence workshops and sound healing events are available on the Events page.


If you would like to speak with me about creating a private workshop I would love to help you


  • Create a culture of clear communication in your company
  • Reduce stress and enhance wellbeing 
  • Boost the presentation and public speaking skills of your organisation
  • Develop confidence for members of your team, social, or community group
  • Give people the skills to be able to have challenging conversations and find solutions – rather than avoid a situation and suffer in silence


I run private workshops and deliver talks including:


  • 45 – 90 minute talks (live & online) including ‘The 15 Second Stress Reducer”, “Stop Suffering In Silence” and “Speak With Confidence”
  • Half-Day, One Day, or Two-Day Public Speaking & Vocal Confidence Workshops
  • Half-Day Whole V.O.I.C.E. Method ™ Introductory Workshops for challenging conversations
  • Half-Day and One-Day Sound-Healing & Sonic Meditation Workshops
  • Retreats – UK & Abroad – 3 and 7 day retreats

Please contact me to talk about what would suit you.


If you would like to find out more about or receive one of my talks, and book me as a speaker, please visit the Book Judith to Speak page.


For more information on how I could help your company please visit my other website