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If you would like to have some of my work with you at all times, here you will find both free and paid-for resources to either expand the work you have done with me, or introduce yourself to how I work with Vocal Confidence, Sounding and Coaching. More online products will become available throughout 2018.


Please use the following links for more information on full programmes that empower you through finding your whole voicesound, and life.


Free Products


  • voice-short Watch

    Find Your Voice Video Download £8

    An introduction to the core elements of my voice work.

    Explore & expand your voice with simple, easy to implement exercises.

    In just 3-5 minutes a day, enhance your tone, projection & support for your voice, so that you have more awareness of where your body and breath affect your voice and become more comfortable and confident when speaking to others.

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  • Calm waves
    Listen sound-sessions

    Introduction to Sonic Meditation MP3 Download £8

    In this introduction I guide you through the simple steps of breath and body connection, to the basic chakra sounds of your voice-vibration.

    If you find meditation challenging. If you are intrigued by the concept of sound as a healing tool. If you’d like more awareness of where your body and breath affect your voice and become more comfortable and confident both hearing and using your voice.

    This is for you.

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  • Show Judith Quin Oracle Booklet
    Life Tools Read SOUND sound-sessions

    Sound Your Voice Oracle/Inspiration Cards

    A beautiful deck of oracle/daily inspiration cards for you to explore your voice and find direction.

    Sale rates for multiple purchase discount (price does not include P&P)

    – £22 single deck
    – £20 each for two
    – £18 each for three

    Use the counter to the left of the ‘add to basket’ button to choose how many decks you’d like.

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  • Picture of coaching book by Judith Quin. Stop Shoulding. Start Wanting.

    Stop Shoulding. Start Wanting.

    A coaching book for you if you regularly feel like you ‘should’ do things.
    If you spend time thinking “If only” …. this .. or that
    If you want to transform ‘Duty’ to Desire.  Turn ‘Should’ in to ‘Want’.

    Available on Kindle and in Paperback

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"I now feel so much clearer, motivated again, and confident to move forward in my career and make the necessary changes happen."

Gabi Fritz – Actress and Healer

“You help people find both their inner and outer voice and in turn this gives them strength as a person, it has developed my inner strength and confidence.”

Dr Ellen Wright