Your Whole Voice – In My Client’s Words

I know this work is powerful, but I would say that, right?
So instead of taking my word for it, here is some of what those who have worked with me have to say about the work and how it has impacted them.

Public Workshops

I have made great progress thanks to the “Speak With Confidence” workshop with Judith Quin.” (Daniel W, Dover, UK)

The group were lovely and without exception we all visibly improved. For me to be able to stand in front of a group of strangers and speak is immense.” (Caroline Stubbs, UK)

I learned a lot, thoroughly enjoyed it and I found it being online surprisingly personable. A couple of weeks after the course I presented to 150 people online and an ex-manager said to me afterwards “Who was that person? You’ve come on leaps and bounds!”  (Margaret McFaddon)

“I was amazed at how well the group connected on Zoom. I had been told that I speak in a monotone with very little energy. I wanted to cure that problem.  The workshop gave me the confidence to use my voice with more variety. ” (C Vincie – USA)

“Just wanted to say thank you for the incredible class …. Could be life-changing!” (Colin Stratton – I.T. Start-up Entrepreneur)

Your vocal confidence workshop really changed my life. I’ve been in a job I absolutely love for the past four and a half years that involves a lot of public speaking, and I wouldn’t have gone for it, got it, or have been able to do it without that workshop.  I will be forever grateful!” (Tanya B)

“It was really, really, really great. The best money I’ve ever spent. Thank you very much” (Alype H. – Electrical Engineer)

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Corporate Workshops & Coaching

“Like nothing I’ve ever done before.” “I’ve done Impact & Influence training before, I liked and enjoyed this workshop more.” “Exceeded expectations.” (Bank of England Workshop Attendees)

We bring Judith in to work with colleagues on tailor-made development programmes.  Judith works mini miracles in building confidence, boosting self-esteem, and improving communication skills in the team, but can do much more too.” (Alan Guindi, MD, Richard Hochfeld)

You can teach an old dog new tricks! I haven’t been involved in a single company yet that didn’t need help on an ongoing basis. The Whole Voice Method™ is a refreshing way to think through how to approach challenging conversations. It encouraged new thinking…making sure I cleared away the noise.”  (Sarah Haydon – Independent Director.)

Great workshop on improving communication and public speaking run by the fabulous Judith Quin. The Spectra team had lots of fun and laughs! If your company wants to help their team improve confidence in communication and public speaking make sure you give Judith a call.” (Marcus Alexander – CEO, Spectra Analytics)

“The team were very grateful for the session I certainly feel there have been marked improvements in joint presentations.” (Tod Davis, Director, Investment Companies Sales – Numis Securities.)

“Thanks so much. I found the session really useful and feeling a lot better about my upcoming teaching as a result!” (Edd Thompson – Lexis Nexis)

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Online & In-Person Talks

Judith delivered a very engaging, present and filled-to-the-brim-with-value talk. Her insights and exercises generated great feedback, she was professional, and delivered with clarity and confidence – everything she says she helps people with – she embodies.” (Laila Edge – Online Summit)

Wow what a night, we are still buzzing! We had a great response to your talk.  Your performance insights were so useful and your energy, professionalism, relationship skills and experience carried the night, impressed hugely and left us wanting more.” (Maria Costello – President – Mullingar Toastmasters, Dublin)

“You’re a very creative speaker, Judith. You touch the audience and are very authentic.” (Mirela Sula – Founder of Global Woman after talk in Albania)

Judith presented an engaging, interactive, and thought-provoking talk. She shared perspectives the students hadn’t thought of, setting them up to go out to the world better prepared and more clearly communicating what they need. In conclusion I would highly recommend Judith as a speaker.” (Mark Bond, Senior Lecturer Bournemouth University)

““Loved your talk (‘Your Audience Don’t Care About You’) – it was content rich, engaging, created suspense and mystery and really enjoyed the big reveal at the end” (Ben Chai ~ Entrepreneur)

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3 & 7 Day Retreats

“The biggest thing I’m taking away is learning how to love myself a whole lot more, stop apologising and stop giving myself such a hard time.  If I’d known how much I’d get from this retreat I would have paid three times more.” (Christine Wright The Habit Breaker, UK)

I’m like a different woman. Happy, confident, loving life (yes, even during a global pandemic). I feel a sense of self-acceptance and freedom I’ve never experienced before.  Before this work I was very passive in my life, I felt like I was in the passenger seat, I am now finally in the driver’s seat of my life.  Why didn’t I do this sooner???” (Aideen Schweppe, Ireland: Yoga Teacher, PT, MLD Therapist)

I’d suggest that everyone should do it, our voice is key to our being, it affects developing our voices, it affects our personality, in ways that we wouldn’t have thought imaginable. It’s so beneficial to do this.” (Laurence Reid, UK: Electronic engineer)

The seven day sound healing retreat is amazing. As much as the experience is intense, it’s also gentle because Judith holds amazing space and will help you through whatever it is you need to help with.  I can’t recommend it enough really. And that’s why I’ve since done the two day workshop and will be doing the three day retreat too!” (Shane Moore, Canada: MFR Practitioner)

“I started last year doing some voice work with Judith on her three day retreat and immediately I had results.  Then I went to Ireland for the 7 day, and it was awesome.  It healed me so much, and today when I speak, I do it out of my wisdom. I do it out of my genius.  So I want to thank you Judith for this fantastic work, and I hope you will keep on doing it in the whole world.”  (Sandra Deakin, Belgium: Broadcaster, Journalist, Coach)

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1-2-1 Vocal Confidence Sessions

“What does Judith do? She transform lives. In one weekend! You’ll leave the weekend with her as the person you’ve always wanted to be. Just like that. And in a way that has you forget you were ever any different. Life will be so much easier. The burden of what was holding you back without you even knowing it was there will be gone. So you’ll feel lighter, free and happier.” (C.Kilm – Finance and Change Consultant)

I feel transformed and about ten times more confident when I am speaking, I feel happier and lighter and have much more energy and fizz!!  Who would have thought from a half-day session??  I totally recommend Judith’s sessions if you want to move forward and you are not sure what is holding you back!!” (Lauren Duncan – Civil Celebrant)

For almost a year I had been avoiding what I felt was an awkward conversation with a large corporate customer, I didn’t want to rock the boat. I wasn’t standing up for myself and put up with a lot of sh*t from someone I perceived as a bully who had power.  I did the 1 Day Intensive with the amazing Judith Quin, I had the awkward conversation, I asked for what I wanted.  Not only was it effortless (thanks to Judith), the bully no longer holds any power over me. I also secured an annual support and maintenance contract worth £80k. Stress, anxiety, and financial security sorted in one phone call!” (Kevin Treweek – I.T. Solutions)

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Products – Book, Oracle Deck, CD, Online Courses

Discovering the power of sound has changed my life by giving me a practical activity that I can do to take control of how the stress and traumas of my life impact me. When the world seems chaotic and challenging I can use sound to ground myself and free myself up.” (Daniel Wood, TRE UK)

I haven’t even finished the book yet, but it has inspired me to stop ‘should-ing’ about writing a play and have a first draft done! What I had read got me to focus and get on with it.  The book has a friendly, comforting and informative structure – like talking to a friend. It is clear and concise and practical giving exercises to help.  Great helpful insights, thank you Judith.” (Greg S.)

Really enjoyed this book and doing the exercises because it gave me clarity on things I’ve been procrastinating over forever! This was a great reminder to keep my eye on the main prize! Highly recommend this book!” (Sudo)

“The Oracle cards arrived today. They are delightful! I love the back of the cards too and the card box!” (Naomi B)

Fascinating, Educational and Life Changing online course. Judith’s kind and calm manner with her ‘take it at a pace that’s right for you’ meant I didn’t feel I ‘had’ to do something every day. This course has had a direct impact in a short space of time to my life.” (Tracey Hughes)

Amazingly powerful course. Just awesome, opened my mind to a whole new world. Realised just how little sound I have in my life and now I want more!” (S. Rogers)

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Powerhouse Global Woman Award 2022:

Soul & Spirit Magazine Trade Awards 2020:

  • Best Card Deck – Highly Commended
    “An inspirational deck to help you shift energy, these cards are great to grab a card of the day and to meditate with.” Paul Miles judge for Soul & Spirit Awards 2020
  • Best Spiritual Course/Workshop – Highly Commended
    “Judith is very professional, clear and precise, yet also warm and welcoming. Probably the most polished of all the leaders. The online course is the perfect introduction to sound/vibrational healing and I was very impressed. I would imagine, based on this, that the retreat would be rather wonderful.” Jane Alexander judge for Soul & Spirit Awards 2020 (Experience a FREE sample of this course. Click here)

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  • International Speaker Of The Year – WINNER 2019 (Runner up 2017)
  • Exceptional Relationship Builder – WINNER 2019 (Nominee 2018)
  • Most Outstanding Brand – WINNER 2019
  • Brand Builder of the year – Nominee 2019, 2018, WINNER 2017

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