“I believe” …. or … “What I know to be true”

“Why do I find it hard to write the next line … Oh I want the Truth to be said…”

Do you find it difficult to speak in front of others because you’re concerned that they won’t connect with what you’re saying?  Perhaps some of what you say might be considered controversial by others?  Do you know what you are saying is true – but don’t actually believe in yourself?

Some of what I’m about to say might sound like semantics, and in some ways it is, however, the topic of Truth or Belief came up in a client session last week.  Given that I’d just written my last blog ‘Truth or Dare‘ it seemed like a natural topic for this week’s article, this connects to the second element of that blog – that something may be true to you … but not accepted as a universal truth.

This is especially true if there is lack of research, evidence, or proof, and could be considered opinion.  If one of your challenges about expressing yourself is that you are concerned about criticism or judgment, whether it’s personal, or professional, this may resonate with you.  As well as these concerns, my client uses English as their business language, but it is not their native tongue and they mentioned in the session that they are very specific about the meaning of words and using them correctly.  If something they know to be true, is true, then it can’t be a belief – so to say “I believe” is to diminish their topic, knowledge and experience.

This is where the semantics come in, because to me, when I say “I believe in the power of sound as a healing modality”, I’m accepting that you may think it’s hokum.  However, the work with my client got me thinking – is to say  ‘I believe’ to create room for doubt?  For you, this may be that you know yours is the best company for what you do, in the catchment area for your business, it may be that you know you are the best person for the job, for me it is the power of voice vibration and sound healing, for my client it is reincarnation.

How do you address an audience when you don’t know what their truths and beliefs are, if what you have to say may be open to question, criticism, or judgment?

By taking ownership of it.

By using your knowledge, and any evidence you have, to your advantage and to give you strength.

By being fully in your truth and ….

By believing in yourself.

Blackboard believe in yourself
“is to say  ‘I believe’ to create room for doubt?”

Self-belief really can be the fly in the ointment, because it actually doesn’t matter how much proof there is about, or against, something – if you believe in yourself, if you know yourself to be true, if you like, then other people will believe in you … until they too either know what you say to be true, or have it proved otherwise.

If you are more caught up in your concerns about what other people might think – than the truth of your topic, that will always restrict your self-expression.  If you know you have an audience that won’t ever accept your truth, the likelihood is that you’re unlikely to ever be invited to speak to them.  Even if you are, would you look at their truth as a belief? Would you try to convert them to your way of thinking? Or would you let them be and accept that there is room for a variety of truths?

The best way to speak with confidence here is to focus, not on the critics – for they are not your audience, but on those who are already interested in what you have to share, offer, or say.  You don’t need to convince anyone of anything other than that you provide the answer or alternative viewpiont they are looking for.  This will always be rooted in you being connected to the root of your truth, combined with belief in yourself.  If you leave room for doubt in YOU – then, unless you are dealing in absolute truths (of which there are very few), no matter what you say, people will question you.

Let’s be honest, people will question you anyway.  What’s important is that you are speaking your truth that resonates with others who are already in an energetic alignment, or openness, to hearing what you have to say.  You have only got this far in this blog because you either already agree with me, are looking for ways to discredit me, or are interested and want to find out more about what I know to be true – and I don’t mind if you call that ‘believe’.

Sometimes, what we know to be true gets debunked, something happens that changes your truth – and that’s OK because humans, and this life, are not perfect.  I had a truth in my personal life that turned out to be my perspective.  I changed it. I’ve just written a chapter about it for the next book in Kezia Luckett’s Pay It Forward, Notes To My Younger Self series….and for that you will have to wait until March.

There are many things I have no idea about, in which others seem sure of a truth… what happens after we die, for example.  You may know, or believe, that a paradise awaits, that we transfer in to another incarnation, or that there is a big fat nothing.  Who knows, if you believe the premise that our thoughts create reality – then maybe we are all right and experience what we expect.  I don’t really know what to expect, no option scares me, so I guess I’ll look forward to finding out …. when my time comes!

For now, however, whether you call it belief or truth, I know this much is true … it is true that I am blessed, that the work I do changes lives, and that the power of recognising and releasing mental, physical and emotional restrictions through sound healing and voice vibration works …. and that I’m coming out about that in next week’s blog!

So – when you are next speaking, remember what is TRUE to you.  This is what you KNOW because of your experience.  What is the essence of what you are saying? What is the essential part of what makes you, your service, company, product, or idea, something that others need in their life, or will benefit from hearing about?  Remember that essential element and the essential part of you than needs to share it.  Whether you start your talk with “I believe”,  “To me this is ….”, or, “What I know to be true …” if you really believe in yourself, your words and energy will ring with the vibration of truth and that is what your audience will feel.

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Judith x

PS … Sorry for the ear-worm people of the 80’s and thanks to the boys of Spandau Ballet!