Sound and Chakra Healing & Self-Expression

Get Away From It All:
Sound and Chakra Healing & Self-Expression Retreats

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    Liberate Your Voice – 3-Day Summer Retreat

    Breathe.  Give yourself a break. 3 Days Away!

    Get right away from your daily responsibilities and distractions to focus 100% on reconnecting to, and expanding, your voice and your ability to express yourself.  Release past beliefs and create clarity for your next steps.

    Prices are per person. Before booking, to make sure it’s right for you, have your clarity call with Judith.

    Retreat runs from 7pm Thursday eve, to midday Sunday.

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    Sounds Like Self-Love – 7-Day Retreat – Barbados!

    Choose You.

    Take time for you.  Reconnect to who you really are.  Recognise and release past emotions, experiences and beliefs that are holding you back, restricting you from doing what you need to do, saying what you need to say, and moving forward in your life.  Step in to your full power and create clarity about and the confidence to take the next steps in your life or business.

    PLEASE NOTE Price shown is per person.  Before booking, you must speak with Judith or Monica to check it is right for you – whether you have worked together before or not. Book your clarity call

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Mentor Support


I will attend your event or speech to run you through your preparation exercises, support you with my presence in the room as you present (if possible or appropriate) and give you positive and developmental feedback.

  • Half-day £500* (plus travel if outside of M25)
  • Full day £950* (plus travel if outside of M25)

*Special rates given as a part of an Intensive Experience.

Returning Client Add-On Request

    Your Main Focus (required)

    Public Speaking/Vocal confidence
Sonic Meditation/Sound Healing
Life Coaching/Finding my voice in my life

    “A HUGE thank-you because, believe it or not, it was a great success, my speech yesterday! It came from the bottom of my heart and I didn’t have to burst in to tears and I could actually speak completely freely without using my script. You are a fantastic teacher and I can’t thank you enough – what a nice experience for a change, having to stand up in front of other people. A fantastic coach.”

    Britta Woermann

    " My confidence in communicating to both small and large groups was much improved as a result of applying the techniques I learned.  I would recommend Judith’s coaching service without hesitation."

    Ian Corbin ~ Banking Operational Risk Specialist