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Voice Vibration & Sonic Meditation

Recognise Your Rubbish Release Past Patterns Revitalise Your Life

Sound is used for healing in both the medical and energy healing worlds.
The healing power of voice-vibration sounding comes largely from the energetic shift, emotional release and change of mindset state.
However, it is also physical and powerful, a way to master your voice and emotions so that you can control the words that come out of your mouth and the intention behind them. 

If you’d like to know more about how sound and sounding works (medically and energetically) – keep reading.  If you want to skip straight to information on the products, group sessions, 1-2-1 options, and retreats I offer, scroll down or click here.

Working With Voice-Vibration Sounding

Let the energy of sound transform your energy, shift your experience and liberate your life.
Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be transformed.

An holistic approach to life seeks to find balance between your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements. Like throwing a pebble in to water, the ripples of releasing holdings in one area of your life encourages you to let go of the beliefs, feelings and memories which hold you back in other areas.  Your voice is a reflection of all your past experiences, beliefs and emotions.   The energy of these past experiences, beliefs and emotions are held in your muscle memory, the physical cell vibration of your body, and sound acts like a key to unlock them, so that you feel free to share your voice.

When you encounter situations that your senses, nerves, or brain perceive as similar to previous experiences, your hormones and muscles respond.   This is also why you might feel afraid of expressing yourself in some situations – it’s not you per-se … it’s the fears of a younger version of you remembering what happened before, or what they feared might happen.


Through exploring your deep sonic connection with your body you will start to liberate those holdings.


Working with voice-vibration sounding is powerful and profound.  Sound is an ancient form of connection to self and community.  When you sound, or receive sounding, not only do you become more comfortable with using your voice but more aware and more in control of your emotional responses to your voice.

The deeper elements of the work, where we focus on the energetic or emotional blocks, are a quick and direct way to increase your self-awareness.  When you know what’s holding you back you are then free to release those restrictions, raise your vibration, increase your self-esteem or self-worth, and enhance your ability to connect to the purest version of you (your higher-self) and even enhance your spiritual awareness or guidance if you wish.

The Science-y Bit:
“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

Science tells us that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be transformed.

So can you.


Quantum physics tells us that nothing is solid, EVERYTHING is energy,  all things are in a state of motion – it’s just how the molecules move that make the difference.  All the things we do, think, say, experience, feel, in life have their own energy – and this is held in our cell memory.   The work of Dr Emoto and his water experiments show us how water holds the energy of words and music or sound, and our bodies are about 78% water.

Dr Emoto Images – Words and Water

In her book ‘Molecules of Emotion’ Dr Candace B.Pert describes how the receptor molecules of our cells literally vibrate, or in her words they ‘wriggle, shimmy, and even hum’ while they wait to connect to other vibrating molecules and change their shape to fit the right elements, or ones that match … all this is going on in every cell in your body.

There are medical sound healing tools out there.  I’ve been to a physio who used ultrasound on my ankle to help heal a torn ligament (see article here) There are doctors using ultrasound to bring people out of comas (see article here)  There is even a practice and deeper research happening to break down cancer cells with sound – here’s some research from Cancer UK.

When you realise that your voice IS vibration (it’s made by your vocal chords vibrating against each other) you can feel your voice vibration in your chest and head  … it’s not surprising that receiving sound healing of any kind is powerful.  I love receiving a gong bath or crystal bowl sound session, however in my experience, using or receiving voice-vibration sound healing is even more powerful because:

a) you are receiving or creating human resonant sound
b) it is the only sound healing modality that works from the inside-out and
c) when you are sounding YOU are the one in control of how deep you go, how much you release.

When the sonic vibration of the voice matches the vibrational frequency of the emotions held in your body, your cells recognise that frequency which sets off a physical and emotional reaction, and you have the opportunity to let go of some of what you’ve been holding on to.


When you do this work you feel lighter, you free yourself from limitations of the past to be able to free your voice, and create your future.


How We Work Together

Receiving Sounding:
You can choose to receive sound as a healing therapy, much like receiving reiki or massage – however as sound is waves, you don’t have to actually be in the same room as me – it works brilliantly well remotely via an online connection.  These sessions combine coaching, receiving sounding and sometimes I encourage you to sound or hum with me too.

Freeing Your Voice:
There are a variety of ways you can work with your own voice to explore this incredible way of getting to know yourself better, raising your vibration, connecting to your higher self and changing your life.  Get your own deck of Sound Your Voice oracle/inspiration cards, join one of my Sound Circle Meditation events, come on the 3-day Sound Your Voice or 7-day Embody Your Voice retreats, or work with me one-on-one in person or online.

See below for your voice-vibration service options.  At home. In Groups. One-to-one. or Retreats

More information about sounding codes of practice.

More Information about Sound Healing & Codes of Practice


I have been working with sound as a healing and meditation tool since 2008, both experiencing sound healing myself and incorporating sounding with voice into my work.

There are many forms of instrument used for sounding; having worked with Stewart Pearce and completed his twelve Alchemy of Voice workshops, I use the human voice and some percussion.

I combine the sound work with intuitive awareness, and Earth-Light Reiki, which uses sound and light-language. All sessions are supported by a talking/coaching element and crystal energy, they may also include an oracle card reading if you wish.

Please be aware sounding is not a medical practice and I cannot diagnose or offer remedy for ongoing or suspected medical conditions. If concerned for your mental or physical health you should always consult a medical practitioner. Our initial consultation will enquire about any existing mental or physical health conditions.