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“You help people find both their inner and outer voice and in turn this gives them strength as a person, it has developed my inner strength and confidence.” (Dr. Ellen Wright)

Judith Quin leading event exercise

How would your life improve if you were more confident expressing yourself?


Working with me may be right for you (or your business) if any one of the below apply:
  • You want yourself, your team, or your staff to speak with more clarity, confidence and conviction, in any situation.
  • You have a personal or professional speech or presentation that you need to create and deliver.
  • You want to stop hiding, stop people-pleasing, or feeling compromised when you express yourself.
  • You want to be able to express yourself fully and clearly, with authenticity and integrity.
  • You want to reconnect to the YOU that you know you are, not the version you became from being/doing/saying what you believed others expected of you.
  • You want to learn how to have those challenging conversations, you’re tired of suffering in silence and avoiding difficult topics.
  • You have been avoiding promotion, or moving forward in business, because you hate public speaking.
  • You know you could improve your communication skills.
  • You have had a life-event* happen that has thrown you off-course and left you feeling like you don’t know who you are, or what you’re doing any more. (*This could be a promotion, a break-up, starting your own business,  an opportunity or promotion you’re not sure you deserve, a business partner leaving you in the lurch, a bereavement, children leaving home, a big birthday…)
  • Alternatively, you want to discover how the powerful vibration of your sound can release old emotional wounds, energetic and emotional baggage, reduce stress, raise your energy, and reveal the true message hidden inside you.
  • Or you would like to explore and receive sound healing.


I work with individuals and companies both 1:1 or in a group setting.  Explore the options below to discover what suits your needs, time-frame and budget.  If you want to have a good idea of your best path with me take a look at this chart – or of course you can book a connection call into my diary, or contact me now.

Individual Options

Group Options

All dates and details of scheduled public speaking workshops and sound healing events are available on the Events page.

If you would like to receive one of my talks, and book me as a speaker, please visit the Book Me to Speak page.

If you would like to help create a culture of clear communication in your company, organisation, or group, please contact me or for more information visit my corporate website

I run public, corporate, or private workshops both live or online including:

  • Half-Day, One Day, or Two-Day Public Speaking & Vocal Confidence Workshops
  • Talks and mini-workshops
  • 60 & 90 minute Sonic Meditations
  • Half-Day and One-Day Sound-Healing & Sonic Meditation Workshops
  • Retreats – UK & Abroad – 3 and 7 day retreats

"Never having been a confident public speaker and dreading having to do presentations to large groups of fellow professionals, I decided to seek some specialised help by getting in touch with Judith, an excellent vocal confidence coach, who approached the situation with tact, professionalism and humour - exactly what was required.
She concentrated on my breathing, diction and delivery.  I have since given several lectures and done so in a very confident and effective manner."

Vocal Confidence Bruce Buchan
Bruce, 67, Legal Professional

"For years I have been receiving all different types of therapy, always looking to others for answers. Working with Judith (or as I like to call her; 'My Fairy Godmother') has made me realize that I have all the answers within... 
Coaching in my opinion is: productive, personal, positive problem solving. "

Holly Kate Weskin